Storage is full

Trying to watch live tv. Have had tablo for 5+ years, never recorded anything, never had a hard drive attached. Always worked before. I do not have a hard drive attached. Now one channel works for live tv, other say storage full need to delete some recordings. There are no recordings and never have been.

Even for just viewing live TV your Tablo must use internal memory to transcode the data to a format that your viewing device (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.) can accept and you are limited to one tuner.

Thanks but that doesn’t answer the question I asked.

Have you tried rebooting and/or power cycling your Tablo? That might help clear your internal memory if for some reason it isn’t clearing itself automatically.

Is it possible that the channel you can’t receive was recently part of the FCC channel repack? Have you tried doing a channel rescan and then added the channels to your guide once the rescan is complete?

Without an HDD, you can only tune 1 channel at a time for live TV.

Not sure what is meant by that. I only tune one channel at a time always. Never had an issue with that. Why now? Also did reboot and rescanned all channels.

PS I can tune multiple channels (one at a time) but thd one I wanted gave me a storage error.

Are you able to connect your antenna directly to a TV to determine if that one station’s signal is receivable on the TV?

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No. But it was not the only station that gave me that error. There is no reason it wouldnt be available.

I think your best bet would be to contact Tablo Support tomorrow. They can access your Tablo’s logs and hopefully they will be able to give you a better answer.

I’m assuming the user is not using the Roku up/down buttons to switch channels and is using the back button to move into the TV grid before selecting a new channel to play.

Just to confirm, does this happen every time on this specific channel?
If so, please open a ticket with our support team and we can take a look.

Every time

Factory reset fixed the problem. Thanks all. Got to watch the Big 10 championship after all.

So fixed the problem and you still are using an HDD with the Tablo?