Storage is full message

Scheduled programs are not recording eith message “storage is full”. Settings is showing 58gb available on disk.

Is auto-delete recordings on or off.

Maybe some of these rules based on recording quality, disk size, and number of tuners.

Thanks, Zippy. Auto-delete is off, always has been

Programs are showing as recorded on rrcordings page. When I try playback the bar at the bottom of the page shows “00.00” for start and end. Therefore, nothing was recorded.

Very odd; if you power cycle and try setting up a test recording, does it fail as well?
If it does, and you still have issues, send our support team a note and we can take a closer look.

Programs I scheduled to record are not recording. They show on the recordings page but there is nothing recorded (00.00 shows for start and end of recording" . I get the message “storage is full”. In “settings” my disk is showing 58gb available. I do not have auto-delete turned on.

I have been using this same external disk since I got my Tablo over a year ago. My Tablo is a dual lite.

What do you mean by power cycle. Unplug/plugin my disk?

No, just remove the Tablo’s power adaptor for a few seconds, then reattach it. Wait a few minutes for the unit to come back online, and then try a test recording.

re: Removing your disk: are you using an external disk with only ~60GB of capacity? If so, this might be part of the problem. The Tablo doesn’t support flash sticks, and mileage will vary when one is used.

After removing and reconnecting tablo power supply I’m now getting the message “no storage connected”. My disk is 128gb and NOT a flashstick. It is the same disk I haveen using for the past 1+ years. How do I contact Tablo support? With “no storage” there is no eay for me to trst record.

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