Storage Full - Recordings not completed

I installed a new hard drive as the Western Digital Elements 1 TB drive failed constantly with the message “no hard dirve”.

The new drive is a mutch smaller (160 GB ) Hitachi. The system detected it, fomatted it and “recorded” eight episodes of one program and three additional separate programs.

When we mant to watch them we got the message Storage Full Recordings not completed.

Oddly, the system shows still 157 GB remaining.

I have unplugged the drive and have another WD Elements installed. If Tablo wants to look at the failed drive I will make it available.


Hi Tom - That Hitatchi drive is much smaller than Tablo would expect to see which is probably why you were getting this error message.

Hope you have better luck with this new WD drive.

If Tablo supports a 64GB internal storage, why not support an external USB drive of 160GB? Really kind of a lame excuse.

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Internal memory is treated differently than externally unfortunately.

There must be a minimum. WD produces a 2.5 inch 320GB SATA drive. Will that work in the new quad?