Stop recording in progress without deleting (old thread)

It would be nice to be able to stop a recording in progress without deleting it.

I start recordings and stop to get small recordings for testing and it does not delete… But that may be because I did it manually also.

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I just tried it on my phone, and when I stopped the recording, it saved the recording until that point. All I did was click on the orange Rec button till it turned gray.

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I stopped a current scheduled recording with about 10 min remaining and the file didn’t delete. To be clear, I stopped it via the guide/scheduled page(s) from my IOS app.

I initially navigated to the show recording page and only option appears to be “delete” -

I then went to the guide listing or scheduled listing and clicked on the orange colored “REC” button as snowcat described. This stopped the recording and the incomplete show is still listed under recordings and viewable.

I think when you stop a recording that is scheduled it deletes, which is probably what was being asked :wink:

to clarify, I’m using the Roku preview app. I suspect from the replies, the stop feature may not be implemented yet. I’ll do some experimenting to see if I can find a way to stop a recording…maybe with the non-preview Roku app.

" I’ll do some experimenting to see if I can find a way to stop a recording"

Why do we have to “Experiment” to use such a simple function?

Common, Tablo! The product should be intuitive. Anybody who believes the interface should be this difficult to use is not looking out for the companies best interest. People want easy and there is No Excuse anyone should listen to for it to be any other way. Your average Paying Customer is NOT Technical. Stop thinking they have to be!

Let’s not bring up threads older than 3 months.


@philsoft, Correct. I was watching a live game delayed that I knew had ended but the recording continued since it’s live and I use the extended feature. Watching a show while it’s still recording appears to cause more Loading Please Wait issues on Roku 3. Since I knew the game had ended, I also wanted Tablo to index the pictures. My phone showed the channel was still recording (pulsing in red) but another show was on. There is no method to hit Rec to stop the recording.

@Rick - Unfortunately when Tablo is recording past the scheduled end time (when extend live recordings is enabled) you’re not able to unschedule as scheduled end time actually in the past.