Still having issues with LIVE TV not loading

Ok, I think I have narrowed the issue down to Tablo not loading LIVE TV AFTER not being in use for several hours.  Today was approximately 5 hours.  I came home after being gone for 5 hours or so and LIVE TV would not load until I rebooted tablo.  This issue occured on IPAD and ROKU 3 (Wired).   Once I rebooted tablo, LIVE TV loaded fine.

Do u have a “green switch” by chance connected to Tablo?

I have no idea what a green switch is so I guess I don’t.

It would say on it most likely… But green switches like some of those from dlink which actually shut down ports and almost go into sleep mode. Older ones had problems with waking up and reestablishing connections… It would explain some of the things u said above… Just a thought… Trying to help.

I’m having exactly the same problem and have been for a while. I’m all wired, Netgear GS108 at the TV/Roku/Tablo/+others downstairs connected to another GS108 NAS/PC’s/External Router upstairs.

Everything on the ROKU 3 plays just fine - Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/ESPN/Aereo but when I switch after watching anyone of these to Live TV on my Tablo it spins. Desperately trying to get rid of Aereo but can’t until Tablo can switch in and out of Live TV on demand.

Checking though some other posts and I see the same deal appeared soon after the 2.1.10 upgrade - I get the same feeling but difficult to say as I a) didn’t have it up and running for long b) went away on vacation for two weeks. Is there a way of backing 2.1.10 out I wonder?


I have the same problem and I do not think I have a green switch, this is an old switch and I do not think this feature is in.

Yeah, I'm trending away from thinking it's a green switch issue as I don't have one either

I've moved my Tablo up a level .(from the same switch as my Roku) and still have the same problem. Next I'm going to

a) Wire it on to my ATT router 

and if that doesn't work going to

b) Go wireless as it's right next to the router.

Will hold my breath.

Are you all able to tune live TV on any other devices? Tablets, phones, web?

@winegummad You mentioned that you were going to connect to your ATT router. I have ATT coming out next week to install my internet and phone service. (Cable has been crap last month)

Any issues with ATT service (Router/Wifi) with your Tablo?

I will say that I have AT&T Uverse, and it works great with my Tablo.  I have used it both by itself and in connection with a dedicated wireless ac router.

cool. Thanks. Good to know.

i have now backed up to my ATT router and am still having the same problem and it appears that it reboots somewhat faster now and reboots in the middle of watching live TV - something it didn’t use to do.

I have not had any problems with ATT UVerse or internet (except of course the price) - I dropped UVerse a couple of months ago and have no problems streaming Netflix/Hulu/Aereo(RIP)  or anything else.

I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t a Tablo nic issue - will file a ticket tomorrow and see what occurs.

OK, I have left the Tablo connected to the ATT router such that both connections can run at 100Full and ran the update. Consensus so far is that I’m stable - after 3 days no crashes or unusual behaviour. Perhaps there was a nic update in there somewhere. Next step is to move it back off of the ATT router onto my GigE switch - will keep you posted.