Status of Pairing Loss with Remote Viewing?

I use the Fire TV Stick for remote viewing and have had no problems in the short time I have had my Tablo (which I love by the way). I have port forwarded and set up a reserved IP address for the Tablo on my LAN. In reading older posts here it seems that users have had problems losing their pairing for remote viewing purposes. Is this a continuing issue or has their been a universal fix? My primary concern would be my ISP changing my WAN ip address. Thanks

It’s only a concern if you have a device that won’t be near the Tablo for a long time (like a vacation home). I assume it could still happen.

The only real fix would be to remove the pairing requirement and go to a pure username/password approach, which the Tablo folks have been reluctant to implement.

I have used multiple Fire sticks remotely for years. Never lost pairing. (Of course if you do, you can bring the Fire stick back to home base and repair - the advantage of such a portable item.)

Good luck.