Start/End Time - Conflict Resolution

Could really use the ability to adjust start and/or end times by minutes either early or later. Not all shows end on the half-hours and tablo seems to add a minute to recordings.

So if show ends at 9:01pm and two start at 9:00pm I have a conflict. Currently the only resolution is to drop one. The only time options are to start early - or stop late. If I could start one a minute later or stop a minute early… conflict resolved!:tada: Give users the choice, loose an entire show, or just a minute or two. Start early or late - stop early or late.

As explained in this thread, we’ve found a pita work-around - New Recording Features

Is the workaround just a simple manual recording?

Is the workaround I referenced a manual recording, no.
A manual recording, still a workaround, the mechanics are simple, but in the scope of scheduling is a big pain from my perspective. Modifying HTML code, is fairly a simple pain (I realize this example isn’t for everyone.) Just a quick 'n dirty one-time fix.

Cool - the real reason is why are these networks having shows that end at 901 lol ridiculous

lf I were a cynic, I’d say that networks like to end their show a minute late to screw up folks like us who want to record shows on other channels. But, I’ve noticed that when a show ends at 9:01 instead of 9:00, the extra minute is mostly commercials and end credits, so it wouldn’t be a loss to stop recording at 9:00. Some of us have been asking for this feature for a long time. The ability to start early or stop late was a nice new feature, but with that mechanism in place now, it should be relatively easy to add start late and end early into the mix.

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Yea, they get this far… and you just gotta hold on for that 30sec “joke” they toss in after a few more adverts. You know they wouldn’t have done it with out marketing research - of course there is a reason.

I didn’t realize it was an added “feature”. But if they got that far, sure, let us add just how much either way (+/-) to start or end - would make things just that much better.

I’m sure this feature is stacked up behind all the other request.

It seems that you wanted a tablo that work without the internet as priority number one. Then there are others that want remote connect for Roku, remote connect for Fire TV stick preview app, easier device pairing, tablo logon security so your roommates don’t screw you over, manual recording for Roku, 5.1 to work on devices that don’t support 5.1, etc,etc,etc.


I vote for Tablo Connect (remote viewing) on the Roku :slight_smile:

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While I do own a Fire TV Stick, I do prefer the Roku. They tend to last forever and performance is very consistent. My 5 year Roku 3 hockey puck will probably out live me. But I did buy the ultra when it was on sale for black Friday.

So I too vote for Roku feature parity. Including remote connection and manual recording.

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Thanks, but truly, that’s a “sounds good” answer - speculating something might happen in a vague lengthened list. But, yes I tend to agree the developers are continually working on various tasks. I was just considered making a, request, in the Feature Requests section. Instead of just hoping it was stacked up waiting.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know looks like a list, but it does have sections or categories. You may consider an Off Topic and mention how you don’t like people suggesting new features.

You can suggest all the features you want.

But since neither you or I know tablo’s business plan, business model, costing of a feature, return on investment, current prioritized feature list, or staffing, you might just as well be shouting at someone at the bottom of the grand canyon.

But one thing that is known is that the various apps don’t have all the same features or functionality. Maybe they need to clean that up first.

I know I should let this go, way off topic. If you really thought it was such a waste of time… you wouldn’t wouldn’t bother either. As a seasoned tablo user, you might have noticed a pattern by now - so I’m keeping requesting.

You noted issues others have…

so you’ve noticed things yourself.

It’s a good feature request. Tablo will see this thread. And now you just hope and wait.

Did you fill out Tablo’s recent survey? They love to hear about feature requests in that too.

While over the years I probably could think of a number of new features. The problem is that they are all of little interest to me. I don’t think I’ve used any of the new features since the 2.2.6 release.

I’m only interested in feature parity. If a feature is in one app it needs to available in all apps. It would also be nice if all the apps had close to the same look and feel.

What you really don’t know is how tablo determines what features to implement.

They place each feature in a plastic Easter egg and place all the eggs in a tumbler. They then draw out an egg one at a time. For each egg they then use a Bingo machine to randomly assign it a priority.

The idea of feature parity can be dangerous, by making the feature set of the other systems your baseline you reduce opportunities or unrealistic expectations.

1)Minimal investment to implement 2) What will l generate the most profit. Nuvvyo Inc has investors who what/need a return on their investment.

But you keep avoiding the initial post - ability to micro manage start and end times.