Standard Guide Data Troubleshooting steps - rationale for channel scan?

Whenever guide data is incorrect (and reported), I have received the instructions shown below a few times from support after the correction is in place. Does anyone know why a new channel scan is needed? It seems to me that after step 3, the channel guide info is removed and if I skip to step 6 by re-checking/selecting it, it would download fresh ‘data’. Doing a total channel rescan seems like overkill, since you then have to manually re-select all of the stations that are not HD (and checked by default), etc.

This can be solved by removing these channels from your Tablo’s guide and then re-adding them. You can do this by following the instructions below:

1. Go to ‘Edit Channel Lineup’ in the Tablo app Settings menu
2. Remove the checkmark from the channel(s) having trouble
3. Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button (this step is important to remove the old channel data)
4. Once the guide is done updating perform another channel scan
5. Select the channel(s) to add them back to the guide
6. Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button

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I believe you have valid points all around. I’ve requested missing data, noting it’s a new channel, I’ve waited, been though all this, etc please don’t send a boiler plate response. Of course they do.

I’ve come to accept this… tech support deals with such a vast array of users
-those who don’t know and admit it
-those who have a clue but realize until they abide with the screen reader they’ll never get to the next step - resolution. Even if that’s none, but getting to “the next level”
-the retired engineer who already knows what’s wrong and is going to tell them how to fix it… “no, you listen to me” only to discover things didn’t still work like they did in the good o’l days.

So tablo gurus have to start with the fundamentals for each incident. As far as scanning and re-scaning. It doesn’t really appear to function like a Windows system, likely a process to help the user feel like something is happening, that’s my perspective.

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I would imagine the scanning “triggers” some other processes, which are the end goal. They are simply using the necessary, unavoidable steps, whether you agree with those steps or not, to get to that end goal.

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I have 2 tablos, one 1.5yrs older than the newer. Some time ago one of the sub-channels changed sub networks, with 3rd party apps you can dig in deeper. Channels store call_sign_src, network, and call_sign for each channel. Even after re-scanning the older table would not update one of those. Change was from Stadium to Charge! values vary to a ie) STADIUM, Charge!, Charge! while the new tablo listed all as Charge!

When I had just the older tablo I figured the station didn’t update some field. In my experience, scanning doesn’t always actually delete current information and date and start all over with new data. More likely, compares new scan with data it already has… and just adds/updates as needed.

Of course I don’t know the technicality, but users commenting they scan and/or update to futility suggest… if it’s not there it may be a CYA tech support step and/or help the user feel like they’re making progress, as they may have missed something before they’ve called.

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