Stalling on live TV and recording playback

I’m trying to watch live TV but it keeps stalling (spinning wheel). This occurs during recording playback as well.
I tried changing the live tv setting to as low as SD 480 but it still stalls.
Does the same on the iPhone app too.
I watched the live TV through JUST the antenna (no Tablo ‘live’) and the playback is fine. Even opened the iPhone app and watched it live through Tablo while also watching the live antenna feed and the app stalled out while the antenna was still doing just fine.
I did a wifi test and at the Apple TV it’s 580mbps and where the Tablo is (about 25 feet away in a bedroom) it’s 270 mbps.

This has been going on for at least a week now. I’ve tried unplugging the tablo for a minute as well as pressing the blue reset button on the back.
Nothing helps.

As a test reboot Tablo with no hard drive attached, you can’t record but Live TV will work. If the stalling goes away when watching Live TV then it could be a hard drive issue.

Detached hard drive, rebooted but still stalling.

I’m not familiar with Apple TV, but maybe some basic troubleshooting steps would help - like removing the Tablo app from the Apple TV and then re-adding (I’m assuming the process is similar to a Roku), or rebooting your Apple TV if you haven’t done that already.

You could also try rebooting your router. If that doesn’t work, and no one else on this forum has other ideas, then it may be best to place a Tablo help request/ticket.


If possible, can you hardwire the Tablo (even temporarily) to see if you have the same buffering issues?

Unfortunately I can’t hardwire