Stalling and rebooting of Roku

Sorry for bringing back an old topic from 2017, but it seem like the stalling and rebooting of Roku has came back. I am having black preview image, freezing and rebooting, almost every 2 days using a Roku 3. It is only happening on recorded show that lasted more than 1 hour. It looks like the Roku is running out of memory. The first time it happened to me was before I did the last update, so probably not related to the new firmware update. Anyone else is having that problem?

Roku 3 Model 4200? I’ve had my Roku units new funky things after the most recent Roku firmware update (not the Tablo firmware update). My solution was to factory reset the Roku. Once you relink your Roku to your Roku account all the channels will be reinstalled, you won’t lose any channels. So yes make sure you know your Roku account username and password before you factory reset the Roku.

The 1st thing I would try is uninstalling, and then reinstalling the Roku Tablo app.
I’ve never experienced our Rokus rebooting while using the Tablo app, but have had the Tablo app not be able to connect to our Tablos.
This has happened 4 times in the past 6 years.

Thanks theuser86, forgot to try that. Doing the factory reset now, will see how this work.
Sorry Radojevic, saw your message too late, would have tried it but now it is done.


Sometimes the nuclear option is required, no worries.