Stability issue at 8Mbs since last update

I’ve had a 2 tuner tablo that has been great. Occasionally, I would have issues getting local channel 22-1 (Hattiesburg MS, solid green reception, tower is very close). The solution was to drop it, rescan channels and add it again, sometimes a restart was needed. Since the last update, this doesn’t work. Any recordings on that channel are 3 minutes and then a fail. If you watch live, you get 2-3 minutes and then it’s stuck on “loading please wait”. If you go back, you get a replay of the same 3 minutes and then it’s stuck again.

I’ve found that switching to HD 720 5Mbs fixes this. No extensive testing, but I got a clean 30 minute recording. I had it set to HD 1080 8Mbs, what I would prefer.

Any ideas?

Is Tablo connected to your router via wifi or is it hard-wired?

everything wired, and has worked fine for 2 years. All the other channels work fine. Not a network issue.

Given the nature & complexity of Tablo, there are so many factors that can & do effect the performance that it can be extremely difficult determining the cause of issues when they arise.

I recently began experiencing buffering issues. I finally noticed that my 5G network was not working & so everything had automatically reverted back to my 2G network. I rebooted my router & got my 5G network back up & my buffering issues have disappeared for now. Not sure but it could be LTE interference with my 2G network.

The problem exists regardless of any network. If you simply set something to record, you only get a three minute recording before it fails. It’s always the same length before failure. It’s not signal strength as this channel has the strongest signal of all, the tower is a few miles from here. It’s only this one channel.

I wasn’t trying to suggest that the problem was with your network. I was just stating that unfortunately it can be a number of things & can be extremely difficult to determine the cause. It just so happened that it appears mine was a network problem - this time.

Maybe too strong of a signal?

How would I test for that? Or, was there something in the last firmware that would make this more of a potential problem?

@Jake_Schaefer I can’t think of anything in our last firmware update that would trigger this kind of failure. However, feel free to send us a note and we can take a look directly at your Tablo’s logs to check out some of the failures. If you’ve still got a few of the ~3 minute recordings on your Tablo, we should be able to grab some of the details on the failure.

Thanks, I will do that. It’s easy to replicate, and I can leave some failed recordings in place.