SSD drive that works with Tablo?

My Tablo is in my bedroom, since that was the best place to put the OTA antenna in our house. I have the recommended 1TB Elements hard drive, but it is producing more noise than I’d like. Both my spouse and I are very noise sensitive. So I’d like to get a recommendation for an SSD that works with the Tablo, to get a quieter drive.

I know that an SSD is overkill as far as speed goes, and I know that it will cost more than a rotating drive. None the less, this is what I want to do.

Thanks for your help!

I have been using a Sandisk 250GB SSD for almost two years and has worked well. I transfer recordings I want to keep for a while to my Plex server, so the low capacity works fine for me.


Thanks very much…can you please post the model number of the SSD? That would be even more helpful :-).

@MrDoh I’ve been using a 500GB Samsung T5 SSD without issues.

I’m using a WD 2TB Elements drive and have no noise whatsoever. Could be your drive is going bad.


I wish my hearing was as good as yours.

Put something like this underneath the drive to cushion vibration:

This. My WD Elements and Passport portable drives make no sound that I can detect…

We do slowly lose our hearing as we get older…

Yes and some lose their mind.

Thanks to those that suggested an SSD that works.

Much appreciated.

I never get older, but I still can’t hear you.