Spotty connectivity

Tablo connectivity is in and out at times. The picture pixelates and freezes, etc. The hd antenna reception fine (directly connected to other tv’s and reception is fine) so it must be the feed from tablo or a network issue to our main smart tv. Is it possible to convert the ethernet output to HDMI? I have HDMI running through the wall to the tv to hide all wiring. Searched the net for a ethernet to HDMI converter and not sure if I’m finding the right component. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I make the right purchase if it’s possible. Thank you in advance.

Sure. Put an STB (Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, etc) right next to the Tablo. Connect them both to the same ethernet switch. Then use the HDMI output of the STB. Controlling the STB from the TV location is an exercise for the student.

Alternatively, run an ethernet cable or use a pair of ethernet-over-powerline transceivers to get a better network connection at the TV.

Pixelation is generally caused by poor OTA signal.

Just because the antenna works fine directly connected to the TV doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The Tablo has an internal 1x4 splitter which slightly degrades the signal quality. You are likely on the digital cliff and with that slight degradation you fall off of the cliff and thus have pixelation.

You’ll need a preamp of bigger antenna to fix your problem.

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