Sports under the new firmware

I have the old Roku 3, a FireTv box, and my computer running Chrome, and I tested two games under the new firmware. I am running my 2-tuner Tablo at 1080p, so the 60 FPS should be in effect.

Game 1 - BYU vs Nebraska on a 720p ABC station.

  • Roku - game looks just like it is under an antenna. Much improved picture quality
  • FireTv - very jerky video
  • PC - game looks very good, much like the Roku

Game 2 - Louisville vs Auburn on a 1080i CBS station.

  • Roku - has that “internet video” feel like always. Probably due to converting interlaced to progressive.
  • FireTv - looks just like the Roku with no jerkiness
  • PC - same as the other two

So it looks like the FireTv player has problems handling the 60 FPS video (other people have reported this as well). But it really makes the Roku look good. Hopefully the Tablo folks can work on this.

Do these results match what others are seeing?

It matches what I’ve been seeing - but then again, I’ve been the one complaining that the Fire TV app looks lousy with the new 720p/60 broadcasts - to which Tablo hasn’t responded once - even when specifically posted directly to them.

Roku looks great image quality-wise, but I’m getting frequent “Loading” screen messages with Roku - so, as of now, I don’t have any solid way to enjoy that great new image quality.
I’ve mentioned this before, but the Fire TV stick seems to playback more smoothly than the Fire TV box for the 720p broadcast recordings. They have completely different SOCs and GPUs - although I’d expect the reverse to be true, given how much more horsepower the box has vs the stick.

I find 1080i broadcast recordings to look just like 1080i on my SageTV…so I’m not seeing any loss or gain in that department. Perhaps because all 1080i is ultimately upscaled to 1080p, either by Tablo or by your 1080p display with native 1080i sources from SageTV or Tivo etc?

FireTV 720p - Looked horrible-jerky video and lots of dropped frames. Cant sugarcoat or be nice about it.I have no patience for this during football. I tested during the Alabama vs Wisconsin game. I think it actually crashed the Tablo. Recording was split into 3 recordings and Seinfeld (later) failed with a no hard drive error. I have NEVER gotten that error until the new firmware.

@koltasi - Are you using Fire TV Box or Fire TV Stick? I ask because I think the Stick actually performed better with the 720p/60 recordings - and I’d love to get some corroboration from other users one way or the other.
The Fire TV app is just a mess still. UI speed is very laggy - to the point of unusable at times particularly where you have large series recordings - and the 720p recordings are un-watchable.

I have both. The stick is always laggy regardless. Yesterday was no exception. I have never seen my full firth act like that until yesterday. I think the stick may handle the 720p / 60 better, but it is still lacking and unacceptable to put it mildly. In fairness, Slingbox app doesn’t perform well on the stick either. Watch ESPN looks and performs great.

I am running the FireTV beta software. I assume you are running regular shipping version.

I’m running the Tablo Beta App for Fire TV, and whatever is the latest Amazon firmware for both the box and stick.
Agree the stick is slow regardless of which app (particularly compared to the box)…but I’m finding the current Tablo Fire TV app to be very pokey across the board, just more so on the stick…but the 720p/60 does seem better on the stick currently. They have different SOCs / GPUs and perhaps this version just works better with the GPU in the stick.

I have a 4-tuner Tablo with Roku 3 units. Everything is hardwired. Network speed is up to 40 mbps. Here were my results:

Recording Quality set @ 1080p:

  • Content broadcast at 720p looks great. Essentially the same as my OTA signal to the TV. However, I am noticing choppiness during playback about once every 15-30 seconds. The video will pause, become garbled, and then catch up while the audio goes unblemished. I’m hoping this will get addressed, but what a huge improvement to video quality!
  • Content at 1080i looks the same as it did before.

Recording Quality set @ 720p:

  • Both content at 720p and 1080i look the same as before.

Until the choppiness gets addressed, I will continue to have my Tablo set to record at 720p. The 1080p setting just isn’t quite there yet, at least in my setup.

We’ve got some 60 FPS video that we captured over the weekend and are looking at this now.

Excellent. I even removed the FireTv tablo app completely and reinstalled it, and it still had the same problem with the Bama-Badgers game. Hopefully the support folks can figure it out quickly.

And to take it one step further, I factory reset my Tablo, Fire TV, and Roku…and guess what - it didn’t help!