Sports recording not showing on Roku app

I recorded a nascar race today. It shows up on the ipad and web app under recordings, but does not show up on my Roku. Other shows recorded are showing up, including shows recorded after the race. Bug???

@TabloTV I can recreate the problem right now. I just sent an email in as you requested…included are three screenshots showing the discrepancy. 

I have found latency in clients syncing to the Tablo.   The iPad syncs the best and you actually have a visual indicator on the side bar of it syncing.   With Roku and/or web browser, there seems to be some sync issues.   For the web browser, usually a clearing of the cache will work.   For Roku, I’ve had to disconnect a few times, and then go back into the app. 

I found the latency thing as well with the Roku

I had same issue on my roku 3 and an nhl recording yesterday. I tried disconnect with no luck but perhaps need to try a few more times

I have created a thread in the Feature Request category for some kind of button that will force sync back to the Tablo unit.   If it could work for the web interface, hopefully they could add something like this for the Roku app.

Just checked with our Roku dev - there is no synch between Roku and Tablo - it just displays the content that is streamed via WiFi from the Tablo so these discrepancies are unexpected behaviour.

Next time you spot something like this, make a note of what channel, the program that’s missing, the time as well as what version of Roku you’re running and send a note to so we can investigate. 

@michaelB - Thanks! We’ll check it out. Stay tuned!

Just so everyone else knows, I got a reply back from support and it appears that Sports recordings are not showing up in the roku app for some reason. I was able to recreate the same issue last night with the NCAA championship game.

@MichaelB - We’re on it! 

This was fixed in the last firmware update. Thanks!

@MichaelB - You’re welcome :D