Sports and the 4th gen Tablo

There are a couple of nice benefits for sports fans if they get a 4th gen Tablo.

  1. NBC and CBS broadcast in 1080i. On legacy Tablos, the quality was a bit worse than ABC and FOX broadcasts that used 720p. The motion was just smoother on the 720p, 60 fps channels. Since the new Tablos use the true Mpeg2 stream, the quality is noticably better on the 1080i channels. It was never terrible for me, but I do like the improvement.

  2. If you go to the Home screen while a bunch of games are on (like now), you can easily see all the games and switch between them. Most of the time I don’t care about the recommendations, but I do like it in this case

Note: I am using a Roku on a 65 inch 4k TV for these comparisons.

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