Sporting events going over time

NFL and NBA games sometimes run overtime.  I would like a method to have the scheduled times for shows on a particular channel to be adjusted to run 30 minutes late.  I don’t know how the tv stations catch the schedule back up to normal time.  I’m assuming when network shows end for the day, and an infomercial just doesn’t air.

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@beastman live events have an hour added to them. As for catching up, doesn’t always happen well


If you have this feature selected, all ‘live’ events (like sports) will have an extra 50% of the total run time added to the recording, up to 2 hours. 

However, you’re right that this doesn’t really help with the shows that come after that live event. 

The best method we have right now for catching those shows is to set a manual recording for that date/time/channel for a period before and after that show is set to air. 

Would it be possible at some time to have an option to enter the channel and how much later the remaining shows will air?

That could be a way around it… We’ll definitely do some thinking on this before next football season as that seems to be the sport that messes with the most recordings.

@TabloTV thanks!  Though NBA goes overtime some too, but not as much aired as the NFL on Sunday nights.