Split Recordings


Thanks Rad. Will do so.


I noticed yesterday that a show from Tuesday evening was split in two. It was quite stormy on Tuesday, and the 6 o’clock news was breaking up when I was watching it (the tv is wired directly to the antenna. This makes me think that perhaps a dodgy signal might cause the split recordings.


It does indeed. Tablo will retry on a recording if the signal degrades or if the power goes out or something else goes awry resulting in two (or more) pieces of a recording.


a few days ago, i upgraded my hard drive to a 4TB Seagate Backup + for my 4-tuner tablo. and it so happens that about an hour later, the tablo was due to record 4 channels. in the middle of recording, i opened up one of the recordings to watch but decided a minute later to wait for the entire recording to complete. so i exited the tablo (via roku). the next day, i discovered that two of the four recordings were recorded in multiple segments. did the hard drive have anything to do with this? or the fact that all four tuners are in use while i accessed one of the recordings (still in progress)? another curious thing is that from the ios app, i see that 3.87 gb is available whereas from the roku it is saying only about 3.5 gb is available. why is that?


That’s a known bug. The Roku incorrectly calculates the disk space.


shouldn’t the tablo calculate the space and just tell all clients what the available space is? it’s bizarre that the client is doing the calculating.


@snowcat @rem736 It sounds like this is due to the different ways the computer industry uses the prefixes like kilo-, mega-, etc.

Traditionally since computers are binary and sizes are based on powers of two, a kilobyte was 1024 bytes (=2^10). A megabyte would then be 1,048,576 bytes (=1024^2). A terabyte would be 1024^4 bytes or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. RAM is still sized according to this standard.

However, somewhere along the line, HD manufacturers switched to using powers of ten. So in HD parlance, 1 kilobyte = 1,000 bytes, 1 megabyte = 1,000,000 bytes (=1000^2) and a terabyte defined this way is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. This is more consistent with the SI system of units; it also has the benefit of making HD sizes seem larger - purely a coincidence for the HD manufacturers, I’m sure. :grinning:

Some companies still report HD space in the older “power of 1024” standard; Microsoft for example. Apple however uses the “powers of 1,000” standard that the HD industry currently uses. In iOS 3.87 TB (I think this was supposed to be TB, not GB) = 3,870,000,000,000 bytes. To find the size in TB based on “powers of 1024”, divide by 1,099,511,627,776 and you get 3.52 TB.

So it’s not that one is necessarily “wrong”; they’re just different standards. Like the old saying goes, the great thing about standards is that there’s so many to pick from!


Last night I had three shows on three different networks recorded.

Two of the three had split recordings of exactly 39 minutes and 19 minutes and both were on from 10-11PM – NOTE: This is the exact time split as mentioned by prior posts. So why would all these splits be for the exact same length of time?

The other show recorded the full hour was on from 9-10PM.

Never had this problem before.



If I am understanding correct, all 3 shows had two pieces, the first 39 minutes and the other 19 minutes? That sounds to me like the Tablo itself rebooted which would have interrupted all in progress recordings at the same time.

The times I’ve had that in the past one of the recordings is encountering enough reception issues it starts failing and unfortunately in a lot of those situations that causes the Tablo itself to reboot.


@Nilex No, TWO shows on at the same time had the issue.
One show on an hour earlier did not get split.


Gotcha, I misread, you clearly said 2 of the 3. I still think my theory applies.


I agree. Likely a Tablo reboot give both recordings are at the exact same time. Why did it reboot? Let Tablo check your logs. But likely due to poor signal reception. Did you have a storm last night?


No it was perfectly clear. Ran a scan and all the relevant channels are 5 green dots, for what that is worth.


The scan is a point in time reference after the fact, you don’t know what happened at 1039 pm exactly to cause momentary signal loss.


That is why I opened a ticket :wink:


I haven’t seriously looked at it, but lately I’ve had split recordings… haven’t had issues in the past. Now I’m going to pay attention and log some details. Thanks for the heads-up.


This happened a couple times to me, but was low on the list of battles I was fighting. It begs the question, though, of WHY must the Tablo resort to rebooting simply because it perceives a momentary drop in signal quality? My TV doesn’t do that. Does anybody’s? Are there any analogous situations where a device necessarily reboots itself not because of power irregularities, but because of a change in the signal/data it’s receiving?


I have never had my Hauppauge PC tuner or my Homeworx DVR reboot on signal disruption. In fact I have never seen any split recordings on either device!


Quite honestly, this is the only “major” frustration I have the moment with my Tablo. There are some other enhancements I’d like to see but they really don’t affect my day to day usage much, they would just be nice to have.

Luckily I haven’t had the reboot situation for a while but I’m a bit concerned as Spring arrives that I’m going to have reception issues because of trees, etc. and will start running into this issue again.


After reviewing the split recordings I find one channel, the only VHF-H one I get was having pretty bad reception issues. That is most likely what caused the reboot and split. Last night the only show I recorded was on UHF and recorded normally. I have two different transmitters for this channel in opposite directions. I was testing the closer one that is “behind” my antenna. Seems to be a fail.

This weekend I am upgrading to an Antop “Big Boy” AT-400BV which is reported to have improved VHF capability.

Thanks for pointing out the reception/reboot issue. I was not aware of it since this is the first time I experienced that.

Also, Tablo Tech support reviewed my logs and provided the same analysis - poor reception caused a reboot.