Spinning circle - sometimes smooth, sometimes jerky

I’m going to have to be careful here so I don’t use these two words in conjunction :laughing: I’ve noticed that sometimes the little spinning circle, while waiting the 10 seconds or so for a channel to come up on my Roku 3, sometimes spins smoothly and other times spins in increments or kind of jerky. I’ve also noticed that I’m more likely to have a problem with that channel if the circle spins in increments - such as signal problems during inclement weather - than when it spins smoothly. It’s kind of a precursor to my channel experience. Anybody else notice this?

Whats you setup?

wired Rokus ? wireless?

Tablo wired? wireless?

Sounds like a network buffering issue…

Nah, no network issues here and I’m not complaining about anything. Click on my orange “I” for my system setup. I don’t have any issues other than the occasional signal dropout due to lots of very large trees between me and the towers and of course the occasional audio sync problems in Chrome that a few others have mentioned. I was just making an observation that I can predict if my signal is sketchy by the spinning circle’s behavior.

Funny you should post this… the wife commented this evening that the spinning circle seems to spin faster sometimes. I have noticed that the spinning circle sometimes seems to stutter, not sure if that is a good description or if that is what you mean.

I haven’t paid enough attention to note when either situation happens.

@IllBeDarned It sounds like you’re referring to the actual ‘loading’ animation - that right? I’ll ask the team if there’s any correlation like the one you’re describing.

That’s correct.

Yep, that’s a better description than ‘jerky’ too I think.