Spinning at Connected to Tablo

I have a 4 Tuner Tablo. Everything was working find until last night. All of a sudden my recorded shows say unknown error and will not play. Then I go to watch live TV and every channel says weak signal. Today I cant get anywhere and it just says Connected To Tablo and spins. I have reset my router, reset the tablo, reset the hard drive, reset my Roku and I have checked the antenna. Nothing works…please help. I can not even get into the settings of the device since its spinning.

I would open a help desk ticket.

But the other step it appears you didn’t try was to unplug the tablo and plug it back in. I’m not convinced that the actual reset button causes a full reset of all the on board chips. In previous problems with USB connected drives, the reset button didn’t appear to clear the USB controller. Thus it was in the same state as before the reset and only a power recycle cleared the controller…

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Where do I put in a helpdesk ticket? I did unplug and replug the tablo as well. Thanks!

The link is on the www,tablotv.com support page.