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Just got a refurbished dual lite. I’ve been having a problem with intermittent internet. After watching the setup video on Youtube, and pulling out what little hair I have, I finally got it setup. It only took me 4 hours. I have an excellent new Netgear AC5400 router and 300MB speed, so my internet isn’t the problem.

The Tablo won’t show up on my Mac wifi pulldown.
When I play a channel, I get a frozen frame along with dash of white noise.

I dont think they did a very good job of checking out this box. I’m guessing I need to send it back.

Any suggestions?

What client are you using, the Tablo app or the web interface ( Do you get the same result on each?

This has nothing to do with your Internet connection, and everything to do with your local Wifi. Have you tried connecting the Tablo unit directly to the router with an Ethernet cable?

OTOH, there’s a reason the unit was returned to be sold as refurbished, and poor Wifi might be it.

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I used Mac interface, iPad, android tv box and iPod. Same result.

Detach the hard drive from your Tablo and then try tuning a channel. If the problem goes away, then it could point to a hard drive problem or a USB cable problem.

Power down your Tablo before disconnecting the drive.

What I’m finding is that Tablo only seems to work well with certain STBs. It doesn’t work well with my Android TV, but it does work well with my Firestick 4k. I can also use it with my iPod.

I’m still not sure about how well it’s working on the internet connections.

PS What bothers me is that the Wifi still doesn’t show up on my Mac list of networks.

The tablo network is a wifi direct connect network that only appears at tablo wifi setup. It’s used to configure the actual public network SSID you want to use


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