Oddly, the description for the new show The Slap is all in Spanish.  None of the others I sampled.

Same here. It’s on a regular English speaking station. But like you said the description is in Spanish… odd…

Interesting that the show description is in Spanish, but the individual episodes are in english… Go figure

Weirdness… We’ll touch base with our guide provider on this one to get it sorted out.

Certain show descriptions should be in other languages but only when that show is being broadcast in a language other than English.

@Jestep @oldmike @PhilH Can one of you PM me your MAC and the exact channel number? We’ll take a look.

@TabloSupport, sent

The Tablo MAC?  How to get?

@TabloSupport  pm sent with requested information. Hope it helps.

The Tablo MAC?  How to get?

This is on the bottom of your unit (and also on the box).

Any chance on getting this fixed? Apart from “Slap”, I’ve noticed it occasionally on movies, e.g. Antitrust, coming up on Mar21 on one of the local English language channels (MyRDC, MyNET). Could it be the case when the show is being broadcasted in two languages or with alternate subtitles that the last language wins? Just speculating, I can’t check if that’s the case since I recently dismantled my mythtv installation due to Tablo providing superior experience.

@Tomislav We gathered some logs on this, but we’re still analyzing the issue now. Feel free to PM me your MAC address on the bottom of your Tablo. We can log in to grab your logs and speed this up.

Still happening.   “A.D. The Bible Continues” is described in Spanish on San Jose channel 11, KNTV.

Still happening.   "A.D. The Bible Continues" is described in Spanish on San Jose channel 11, KNTV.

It is still happenning here as well. The same show as quoted above and several others.

A.D. had the spanish description on Charlotte NBC 36 as well. Of course the channel and the show are in English.