Sound Sync on Live Broadcast

Android TV and Roku Client

When I watch a show live that is also being recorded the sound will start out perfectly synced but the longer I watch the more the sound lags the video, I have seen it up to 10 seconds out of phase. The phase problem is easily fixed by doing a quick REW then FF back to live.

I’ve noticed this most often when watching a football game that I am also recording.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this.

What type of storage are you using with your Tablo?

4TB Seagate Backup Plus – 3TB free

Hrm. I was thinking perhaps you might be using a Flash drive which could cause this problem.

What type of Roku are you using?

Tablo Dual 64GB

The issue is only occuring when I attempt to watch live a program I am also recording. The Packers game on Thursday was one example, I have a time to record all football and I was watching the game after choosing the game from the grid. I have had this problem on both the AndroidTV app and my Roku Premier+

Out of curiosity, can you try to select the game from the ‘Recordings’ screen next time? Or just try with a different in-progress recording?