Sound stopped working on my XBOX ONE X

Hi Everyone,
I bought a Tablo Dual Lite a couple days ago and have been thrilled with it so far. The device has worked flawlessly with all my ROKU and AppleTV devices, but for some reason sound has stopped working on my XBOX One (was working fine when I first installed it)

I have the latest firmware installed (2.2.22). I’ve verified sound is working for my XBOX and other apps, it just refuses to work for my Tablo app. Any suggestions?

Ignore - Problem solved.
Issue is XBOX One not supporting pass thru of surround sound as yet. Once I disabled from one of my other devices, I had sound again on my Xbox.


Any word from @TabloTV about plans to upgrade the Xbox One app to support surround sound yet? On one of my TVs, the Xbox is my only Tablo client, and it’s in a room with a 5.1 surround setup. I’d really like to start recording in 5.1 surround.