Sound playback on recordings is skipping since last firmware

Ever since the last firmware update, I notice that on playback of recorded programs, the sound will intermittently skip. This does not happen while viewing live programs, or while rewinding live TV. It only happens while playing previously recorded programs. Has anyone noticed this as well?

You had reception problems during the recording, mate. I sometimes have that problem because a recent storm knocked a branch of a tree which shifted my antenna as it fell. I really have to get that seen to…

My experience after working for 23 years in a cable TV company is that tiling is the nature of the beast as it comes to interruptions of the digital signal. In fact, I have seen the visuals suffer first, if the problem is not that bad, and both the visual and sound having problems if it is really bad. Rarely have I seen it backwards, where the sound goes first, and the high def image is perfect. Of course, Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a great tool, where math works miracles to maintain the quality of the signal, but even with that, a total interruption, caused by lightning or other atmospheric problems, should at least affect the image to a certain degree, as much as it may affect the sound.

You’re speaking greek to me, mate. Maybe give the support line a ring

To answer your question I have had no problem with recording and playback since the update.

I have same problem with only some recordings, not all, on my Roku 3 but everything is fine on Roku Premiere. I dont have a solution.

Yes, I noticed the problem first on one channel. I thought it was the channel itself, since I record there the most, but now it is happening on more channels. I will do some reconnections on my wiring, but this seem to have started immediately after the last firmware update. The picture does not tile, or freeze. It continues to move and you see the lips moving, but the sound skips. No problems at all with the image, just the sound.

@edrios We haven’t observed this behaviour post-release. Audio can skip depending on the reception at the time, and the player being used, but we haven’t seen this happen as the result of a firmware update from our end.

I am having the same problem with sound being intermittently interrupted after the last uodate. I am using my tablo with a Roku like the above person. This appears to be a Roku issue with Tablo.

I finally figured out where the problem is coming from. The intermittent sound skips were not present while playing other apps on the Ruku. After much testing and retesting, I narrowed the problem either to the antenna, the Tablo, the hard drive, or associated connections. And the winner is…Tablo. Yes, the issue happens when the captions are turned on. I always have the captions on, but only noticed this problem starting after the last firmware upgrade. Hardly anyone else noticed the issue. Sure, how many people use closed captions on a constant basis? Now, I don’t know if the data for the captions is mixed with the data for the audio, but when the captions are turned on in the Tablo, the audio skips intermittently on different channels. Please fix this problem!!!

To expand on the last posting, the problem may be in the way your software treats the ancillary data in the HD-SDI stream. Looks like the de-embedding of the closed caption may be causing a delay in the data related to the digital sound processing.

My money is on the Roku, mate. Roku recently did an update and they always seem to find a way to bodge things up.

If there was a recent Roku update do you happen to have any non-Roku devices you use for playback? To do the final step of confirming whether or not subtitles work with no audio issues on another device.

The audio and closed captions on the Ruku is fine. I use other apps such as Amazon video with no problems at all. Remember, I always keep the closed caption on, even on the Ruku side, but have only noticed the problem on the Tablo and while doing my tests, did not notice anything on the Ruku. It only happens on the Tablo and I have to turn off the captions there to hear the audio without any skips. As I said a couple of times before, I only noticed this on one of the recent firmware upgrades. The current firmware on my Tablo is 2.2.14.

Reach out to our support team. We can run a few tests on your unit to confirm this is firmware related.

It would be very difficult for me to call during your support hours. What seems clear is that it is only happening with the closed captions coming out out of Tablo. As soon as I turn on closed captions, the sounds then skips intermittently. However, if I go to any other Ruku app, I can have the captions on all the time without any problems. The only way I can see that it could be tested, to see if it is firmware related, is to load a previous version of the firmware and test. If you can provide instructions at the email listed on my account on how to get a previous version, I should be able to test with a previous firmware. Otherwise, I am OK with not using the closed captions on the on Tablo, while I continue to use it on the other apps.

Edrios - did you find a way to use closed captioning? We are having this issue with several channels, during live tv. Spent many hours adjusting the antenna, restarting routers, Tablo, etc. when I found your post. Turned off CC, and the sound is perfect. Ugh! I, too, have no sound issues with any other app on Roku. Watching tv straight from antenna is fine, with CC on…

No, I have not been able to turn on CC with the last two firmware upgrades. With CC the sound had no problems on previous versions. I also thought the issue could be related to reception, but it seemed very strange that it would affect the sound and not the image. I worked for over 20 years as a cable tech and supervisor for Comcast, and never saw a digital problem that would affect only the sound and that would repair itself once the CC was turned off. As a computer specialist, I can also tell you that this is more of a problem on how they are managing the actual data contained in the different digital streams. More of a box issue, since once you turn off the CC, everything is OK. As in your case also, I have never seen it in any other Roku app. The CC there works great. For the mean time, I have kept the CC off while using Tablo, and there could be many that don’t even notice the problem because they do not use CC.

Interesting notes on the process of closed captions.

Some folks believe the closed captions, interfering with the sound, could be a problem with Roku. The antenna signal already has digital streams with video, sound and CC, already combined. If all the Tablo did was hand off the signal directly to the Roku, then it could be an issue with the Roku. But it is logical to believe that the Tablo actually does some processing to one of more of these streams. Tablo can save the video at different compressions, and it should also be able to change the compression when sending the signal to a tablet or phone. So it is logical to believe that it is somehow stripped off in the Tablo box as the video processing takes place. It could be recombined when it is sent to the Roku and TV, but there may be a timing or processing issue that affects the sound as it is recombined. Of course, if you don’t have enough processing power to handle all the data mangling, you have to find a way to prioritize. And there could be many reasons why you prioritize a CC stream over the actual sound, such as not getting sued by the National Association of the Deaf. Now that I think of it, it is entirely possible that this problem is present on channels that use upper HD quelity, because of the amount of processing needed there, although I have not tested this as of yet. My preference is to watch the highest quality HD while using Tablo.