Sound from one side only?

Everything else seems to be fine but my tablo only has sound from the left side…

Any ideas?

Which device are you using for Playback?

Is this for all channels and all recordings?

Mine did this yesterday too during the Grammys. Very annoyed about it. Once we changed the channel and tried other recordings I was back to stereo.

Also the video recording was filled with artifacts and small skips. I thought it was just a bad signal or a hiccup that the tablo could not overcome. We were also watching a recording that we set so we could start it about 45 min late.

I’m running the 4 tuner over wifi to a roku stick. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem for past two nights and reset my receiver and it went away. Thought maybe I had hit a remote button by accident. But now that I think about it the sound was fine with Amazon and Netflix, only messed up with Tablo live tv and recordings. Odd, but working ok now for me.

@bryans1981 Try rebooting the Tablo - just tap and release the blue reset button.

And to @theuser86’s question: is it only on the one device,or does it appear on multiple? Both live TV and recordings?