Sort by Most Recent, not working on Amazon FireTV Gen2

This just started happening recently on my Amazon FireTV Gen2… When I try to view the recordings sorted by Most Recent Recorded, it doesn’t work. It shows the same view as “All”.

However, if I view on my PC using the web app, it works as expected. Most Recent actually shows “most recent”.

I’ve tried uninstalling the Tablo App on the FireTV and reinstalling, to no avail. :frowning:

Any ideas?

(BTW, that feature is missing entirely from the WIN10 app. Why?!)

This is very strange, but shortly after posting this, my Tablo App reset itself in the middle of watching a recorded show. Then a strange message about the app version unable to open, and to update. Well, I didn’t update, but relaunched the Tablo app. Lo and behold, the Most Recent filter started working again! So this is resolved, I guess?!