Sony PlayStation Vue price increases + $10

I’m doing the 7 day trial now. Number of streams was not an issue, as there’s only 2 people in our household.

What do you think of it so far?

Is there a guide & how is it?

Have you used the DVR & what do think?

Any thing unique you like or dislike about the UI?

Initial thoughts on Sling Blue + DVR, compared to PS Vue:

No web app. For mobile devices, there are iOS and Android apps. Maybe others. The Mac app sucks. It doesn’t know anything about the Cloud DVR service, so you can’t watch recorded shows or set up new recordings. The Windows app does do Cloud DVR.

Most apps have a channel based guide. You pick the channel, it shows you the upcoming shows in a horizontal slider icon type list. The Android TV app also has a grid guide. Both are seven days, I think.

I haven’t tried the AppleTV (Gen 4) app yet.

Jump ahead (30 sec)/back (10 sec) on Android worked OK, but not great. Too often when I tried to back up after going a little too far forward, it would give an error and need to resync. It would only take a few seconds, but it was annoying.

At this point the lack of cloud DVR functionality in the Mac app is a deal killer. I do almost all my scheduling using my Mac, because the search UI is faster than the lean back UI on the streamer boxes.

Thanks FlyingDiver!

When you say Android TV app, what device specifically are you using? I have Fire TV boxes, will these have a grid guide?

Sony Bravia TV with Android built in. I haven’t tried it with a FireTV device yet.

Edit: FireTV looks just like Android, with grid guide.


OK, I actually took a hard look at Sling TV. Right away I saw that I would gain my coveted History channel back but then soon realized that this would be completely offset by the loss of my beloved Science channel - SOB.

After close scrutiny, It would actually result in a net loss for my family. To be clear, I currently have the PSVue Elite package at $44.99/mo which is set to go up $10 in what Sep/Oct. I found with Sling I would need to go with the Orange - Blue - DVR - Comedy Extra - Sports (orange) Extra - Hollywood Extra. That comes to $60/mo for a net loss for my family.

It would be worth an extra $5 if it were to be a net gain, just as it could be worth taking a net loss if the savings were significant. But as is, PSVue will still be the best value for my family.

My biggest disappointment in Sling TV is the manner in which they gouge sports fans. Their Orange package is very basic - 28 channels for $20/mo & only 1 stream, but for only $5 more the Blue package will get you 23 additional channels & 2 additional streams for 3 simultaneous. However, they take away 7 channels (Disney/ESPN channels) that are in the Orange package. So if you want those channels you must purchase both Orange & Blue. This means you must pay $15 more for 7 channels & 1 additional stream. So essentially, they give you 16 channels (23-7) & 2 additional streams for only $5 more, but then gouge the sports fan for $15 for 7 channels & 1 stream. Furthermore, they split the extra sports channels into 2 packs - Sports Orange Extra for $5 & Sports Blue Extra for $10. Thus sports fans are once again charged another $15 to get everything they will want. They do not do this with any other of their Extra packages. What do they have against sports fans?

[quote=“rccolts, post:27, topic:12149”]
What do they have against sports fans?
[/quote]I honestly think they are trying to keep the price as low as possible. Sports channels are by far the most expensive and restrictive channels to re-distribute. Disney (ESPN) at the top of that stack.

When they negotiated with Disney they only negotiated the single stream to be able to get the cost low. Fox and its sports channels were more accommodating, hence the two different packages with different features.

It actually works out well for my parents. They switch between the two packages / add ons 2 or 3 times a year depending on which channels have the majority of what sports they want to watch.

I suppose that can work for some, but the Orange package alone is never an option for me with only the 1 stream & the blue package means the loss of the ESPN channels. Add in the annoyance of the 2 different sports extra packages & PSVue wins (Sling TV has closed the gap though). I have been telling my friends for almost a year now, PSVue is really good for sports fans but not so much for everyone else.

What really blows is that what I suspected would happen is already coming true, the price of streaming TV is going to end up just as bad as the old traditional Satellite & Cable options. I don’t & never have considered myself a cord-cutter, merely a bargain hunter. I can’t help but wonder how long will it be before streaming TV is no more a bargain than the traditional options.

I currently manage a cable streaming sub for my parents. I ended up letting dish tv now expire and will be subbing sling box Orange because it seems to be the ONLY way to get redzone this fall.

Actually, Sling Blue Sports Extra is the only way to get NFL Redzone on Sling.

So you’re looking at $25 for Blue + $10 for the Blue Sports Extra. So $35 gets you NFL Redzone but that price leaves you without a DVR & no ESPN channels.

Got my colors mixed, small technicality. Could care less for dvr or ESPN on sling.

Sounds like Sling Blue will work nicely for you then - cool.