Sony Android TV Won't Connect

For about the last week, my Sony Android TV will no longer connect to my Tablo in the Tablo App. Everything works fine on my computer, my tablet and my Roku on another TV, but the Android App that’s built into the TV quit connecting. It finds the Tablo, I click on Connect and it says it’s connecting, but it goes back to the Connect to Tablo screen. I tried re-installing the app, deleting the tablo and finding it again, rescanning and nothing works. This is my main TV and I really miss Tablo!

Is it wired or wireless? Does Sony maybe block ports that Tablo needs? I suggest opening a support ticket, though it’ll be Monday before Tablo will get back with you.

It’s wired. Worked for the last few months now won’t connect. Don’t know what changed. I’ll put in a support ticket. Thanks!

Did you try rebooting the TV (or unplug) or rebooting the router? Also try disconnecting and reconnecting the cat-5 from both the router and tv.

Mine has done this as well. The TV actually lost it’s wifi config - I couldn’t get to any other streaming services. Press and hold the power button on the TV and it should restart for you - it seems otherwise the TV just goes to standby.

I ended up going to a wired connection since my router is right next to the TV and it’s been perfect ever since.

Mine is a wired connection and everything except the Tablo app works on my TV. I play everything thru apps and have no problem with the connection. And my Tablo works great when I connect with my Roku on another TV or on my computer, so the Tablo is working. When I click on the Tablo app, it finds my Tablo, but it won’t connect to it.

Is there an update for the TV from Sony? I think dumb TV and streaming box is better

I’m wondering if your tablo IP changed recently and for whatever reason the TV is caching the old IP. You’d think deleting the app would fix the issue though.

About the only other thing I’d try would be renaming the Tablo and see if it actually discovers it or if it’s caching the old name.

I have two Sony Android TVs and have had no problems with Tablo at all. All three devices are hardwired directly into a commercial grade Gigabit switch.

Thanks for the idea. I renamed my Tablo and the app finds the renamed Tablo, but still won’t connect. It was worth a try!

For the first couple months the Tablo worked great on my Sony Android TV. Actually better than with my Roku. I didn’t change anything, but one day a little over a week ago, it wouldn’t connect and hasn’t ever since. It’s so weird, especially because everything else works on the TV and the Tablo works fine on all my other devices.


I was just playing around for a bit to see if there was anything I could find that might help. On your TV, go to Settings, arrow over to Apps, Downloaded Apps, Click Tablo and clear data and clear cache. You’d think this would all get cleared when an app is uninstalled, but who knows.

Otherwise, I’m at a loss.

I worked with Tablo support and tried several things with no luck. As a last resort I changed my TV from a direct wired connection to the internet to wifi. Strangely enough, now it works. I don’t understand, but glad it’s working again.

I have a new Sony TV and the Android TV app that connects to Tablo is very weak. It is hardwired back to the rest of teh network and I find the app on the TV is not consistent. Once it works, it works fine, but it hangs and there is no real easy way to clear the app and restart it like on a mobile device. This is the only device that is running android in my home and while I love the idea of having a single remote, the inconsistency of the Sony Android TV app with Tablo is a PITA. I dont think this is a Tablo issue, rather, I think the processor on the TV is underpowered and doesnt manage the apps running all of the time.

In the end, I have hooked up my Roku device (wireless) and I have had no stability or connectivity issues. The throughput is slower, but the app always starts and doesnt hang if I were running from the Sony TV app.

My Tablo app on my new 55 inch 4K TV worked perfectly…until last night. It is a wired connection. Tablo works on two other wired connections in the house and they’re wired through Roku. I hooked up with with Roku connected to my new TV and it works.

The only thing I can figure out is that there was some sort of firmware or software update that went wrong.

There was an app update. Actually two in the last couple days. You could certainly try deleting the app from the TV and then reinstalling it.