Something strange in Sunday night's guide for CBS

I’m seeing the CBS shows for their prime time lineup start at 5:00 tonight, and repeating starting at 8:00. So, Wisdom of the crows is on at both 5PM and 8PM, NCIS Los Angeles at both 6PM and 9 PM, and Madam Secretary at both 7 PM and 10 PM. TitanTV says the shows will only be on in rgular prime time, not the earlier time as well. I’m in he Pacific time zone, so it’s unusual seeing prime time starting at 5 PM.

Because I’m not recording duplicates, the regular prime time schedule starting at 8PM is not flagged as to be recorded. I’ll see if Wisdom of the crowd really does start at 5 PM, and if it does, will let the recordings happen as scheduled. If not, will manually change it so prime time records correctly.

Was wondering if anyone else saw this anomaly on CBS tonight?

My guide looks normal. What zip code is your guide?

89122… after checking the TV Guide site and seeing it agreed with Titan, I went ahead and manually fixed it. Glad I checked, as it looks like tonight’s guide is incorrect, and I would have missed those shows. First time that’s happened. The guide is usually correct unless football runs over.

I have a friend who does rather prattle on about how brilliant crows are. However I didn’t realize there was a documentary about them. Thank you for the heads up, mate, maybe I will check it out.

In Dallas, I did not notice the timing of the football game but the Postgame Show was moved to after the 10 o’clock news, so Ncis, Madam Secretary and the news all recorded as scheduled in the Guide without having to do any creative adjusrments to the timing. Al the shows started as scheduled in the guide.