Something Positive for a Change

This is in no way meant to diminish others concerns, complaints or issues. I realize many have very legitimate gripes and they do deserve attention and support.

However, as someone who works with customer complaints regularly I realize the importance of the occasional supportive note.

So I wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU to the Tablo crew!

My Tablo is working perfectly and I am VERY grateful for the product. I recommend it to everyone I know. It was the missing piece I needed to be able to finally cut the cable cord and is saving me soooo much money. I couldn’t be happier!

I am also in awe at your level of support, this board for one, and the effort to maintain minimum censorship, as well as the quick responses the few times I have had to contact support. As said above, I realize for many it is NOT perfect, but you are actively involved and working for resolution, something that can NOT be said for every company out there.

So, thanks again, keep up the great innovations and support, I cant wait to see what’s in store next (namely, more Roku Channel updates?)…


TabloTV support has been really good. Sure, it’s never “fast enough”, never “good enough”… but you know, I think it’s the best I’ve seen. :smile: (I’m not kidding) Looking forward to the coming years. Very pleased with my Tablo.


I agree, I have not had many issue, and have conformed a little bit to the product from my TiVo and MythTV days. This is a good product at a good price point. I hope you guys soldier onward for a good long time to come.


I have been fortunate not to experience any of the problems that some others have endured - my Tablo works great. In addition to Tablo support, I wanted to give a shout out to members of the Tablo Community who have provided excellent support and knowledge to other members to help solve their issues. Those that have used this forum productively have given a gift to other members who are seeking help.


I will second that @jdoe.


I’ve had a really good experience with the Tablo as well. My biggest problem now is that Tablo is working so well, recording all of the new and returning shows that I have scheduled, that I can’t find the time to watch them all before the next week rolls around, so I’m getting a bit of a backlog.

One thing I noticed last night was that on all of my Roku devices, when I went to the screen to check my recordings, I had the little spinning circle that kept going and going for a long time (probably 5 minutes) and would not land on the recordings screen. If I changed back to live TV, it worked normally. My thought was that, because I had just recorded 4 shows simultaneously, and was at that time recording more (2 or 3 channels active) content, that Tablo was busy with thumbnail creation on the remaining tuner(s), but the funny thing is, I could pull up recordings with the Chrome web browser. At any rate, later that evening, the Roku devices were finally able to access my recorded content.

The only other problem I had was not Tablo related, but was the fault of my antenna. WHen it rains, which isn’t that often, one of my channels fades out, and I had a failure to record. Fortunately, I was able to catch the show on Hulu, so it wasn’t an issue for me.

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I’ve had a really mixed experience so far. But the combination of the 2.2.5 beta + replacing my WD Elements 2TB drive with a Seagate 5TB has resulted in a 100% stable, works as designed, wouldn’t give it up, system.

The Tablo is designed as a network appliance, which is IMHO, the future. This contrasts with other options that seem to be a VCR with upgrades. I’m sorry to see all the negativity in some of these threads, but certainly understand the frustration level until you get your setup working. But once that happens, you’ll love Tablo too!


Gosh everyone, thanks so much for the injection of positivity.

We’ve said from day 1 that each and every employee at Tablo HQ comes to work with the mission to make Tablo more awesome.

While constructive criticism is VERY helpful in our efforts to do that, it’s nice to hear the sunshine & rainbows too.

We’re growing quickly and there’s LOTS of great things in store for the future. More features, more platforms, more awesome.

As we grow, we are committed to maintaining the great two-way communication we have with all of you, so keep the feedback loop going… Good, bad or ugly.

And yes, a special shout-out to all of our forum members… When we started this forum over a year ago, we never envisioned a community so active and so helpful. You are all awesome and we thank you.


Agree with everything said here. Once you can figure out how the Tablo fits into your network (and eliminate other problem devices - upgrading my router changed everything!), it can work very, very well. Excited to see what the future brings!


I too have been one of the lucky ones, although I’m probably a lot less demanding than others here. I don’t watch all that much TV, but my experience has been mostly positive. Not to say that there isn’t room for improvement; I have had a few glitches here and there, but no more than I’ve come to expect from modern gadgets. Overall it’s been a positive experience, but I have a lot of sympathy for the people who are having so many problems with their Tablo.

Kinda funny, when I was a kid back in the 60’s technology was a lot simpler, but usually everything just worked. Pull (or push) a button and the tv came on (after about 30 seconds, there’s buffering for you!); twist the same button and you’d change the volume. Ironic how the more sophisticated things become, the less reliable and more complicated they make our lives because of so much reliance on other things working together. After so many years I’ve started to get used to the idea that things just aren’t going to work as simply as they used to.


Yeah, Tablo support is top notch…always a helpful and friendly (is that a Canadian thing?) response to whatever problem/complaint/insult comes their way.
I’ve had a few problems in my almost 1 year with Tablo, but I’ve never had a problem with how issues are handled.
Tablo has a top-notch group of people IMHO, and that usually starts from the top. While their CEO doesn’t get involved in this community, I can’t help but believe he must instill this customer-first ethos to the greater Tablo team.

Agree. Mostly happy! Giving grief on Rolu reboot page to help make it perfect. But very happy otherwise.

Well said, Daniel!!

I know I have been one of the chief gripers, but never about the support folks. My disagreements have been regarding design and development decisions, but the direct tech support staff has always been great.

Tablo has pushed me to upgrade much of my equipment to have a perfect 1080p multi-room streaming experience, but overall it has definitely been worth it. I’m a huge fan of Tablo and I recommend it to everyone I know. At this point, my friends are getting sick of me showing it off when they come over, most likely! Best part - it is 100% wife approved.


I credit the TABLO with enabling me to finally cut the cord and do it so painlessly it was almost silly stupid… I had no real issues and for the most part the experience has been pleasant … even my wife enjoys it and she is by far NOT a techie and would be the first one to complain if it was “another dammed box connected to the tv”… I will confess I tried another ‘simpler television’ product my experience was horrid with that “device” it was far from simple or great, it couldn’t even tune in the local ABC station which was 100% quality/signal … yes. seriously … their tech support was trying to help occasionally but I think they frankly gave up too… I just wish my experience with after purchase support and communication is as good with other companies as it has been with TABLO.

Its been over a year since we cut the cord and the only thing we miss about cable tv was the clock on the box… (I got $7 alarm clocks to replace the “empty space” where the box showing the time used to be) …


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Biggest improvement for me came when I replaced Chromecast with Nexus a player. All systems go now - luv it.


I’m going to add to this, and hopefully not jinx myself. Switching to the Nexus player over the Roku has been a way better experience. THe latest update has been smooth. Just need the Apple TV app because I’m ready to switch again, lol.

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Come on man, we have plenty of negative threads already, can’t we keep at least one positive?

I cant speak for the ones you called out, but most of the posts I have seen from them, they are trying to help. I admit, some of the code may have bugs, I don’t dismiss that it has problems for many, but I believe they are simply trying to help narrow it down for those asking for help.

Each issue COULD be one of the bugs, but it COULD be router issues, WiFi interference, router settings or many other factors.

I am not as vocal as those, but I have NO problems, with any of my Rokus, PCs or IPhones, both internal to my home network as well as remote access from hotels.