Some Suggestions for Future Features

Hi all,

Just noticed this section so I will list what I wrote before an some more features.

  1. Show the channel number recording is from on the “Recordings Episode display page” so I can delete recordings of known problem channels and hopefully other channels will give these episodes again
  2. Show time recorded (not just when it was to be recorded but actual length of recording) this way I can see problems before going all the way into a recordning
  3. Perhaps a “Newly Recorded” page that list the above so I can review possible problems in one area
  4. Any way that Tablo can flag a video with pixilation without having to view the whole recorded program - would be great to know.
  5. Being able to record from Roku stations as well as ChromeCast.
  6. Editing capabilities to edit out commercials, etc
  7. Some way to incorporate DVDs that I own onto hard drive being used by Tablo - Plex is very disorganized even though I put my ripped DVDs in folders on my hard drive - it would be nice to have the DVDs organized better and yes, I know I can set up other catagories other than Movies, Music, Picture on Plex.
  8. Oh, anyway to set it up so I can “watch” live TV on Kindle, phone, etc. as I just see that I can record something now and view it later only (Recordings) - perhaps I am doing something wrong.
  9. It would be nice to put in a list of TV shows or Movies that I would like to see and have Tablo alert me once they come available on OTA stations - a wish list. This might be something Tablo could collect/store as a database to make it accessible to TV stations to know how many people are interested in certain shows for upcoming broadcasts - win/win for everyone.
  10. I have a loud beep at times (mainly at beginning of commercials on some stations) - any way to get rid of this?
  11. Buffering issue on my LG smart phone even at 500 kbps setting (I think I am doing this correctly) - any way to stop the buffering even if I have to wait for the show for a bit at the beginning to get some lag space.
  12. Is there to back up your hard drive - if not, this would be a nice feature.
  13. A trade up option or replacement option for those of us with existing Tablos as I am assuming you are working on the next generation - just a thought. Maybe you did this for those who has 2 Tuners for 4 Tuners already.
  14. If we can get our recordings away from home, perhaps a way to give access and restrict, of course, to another Tablo owner and vis versa for viewing their recordings - like a lending library

Well, I am sure this is enough ideas for now - I will post more if I think of them and if there is already one or more of these features, please point me in the right direction to use this feature(s). Thanks - really loving Tablo as I was a wiz (IMHO) with TWC DVR some years ago when my husband worked for them (so much so he told people he wish he could give them our phone number so they could as me how to do …). Perhaps TWC now has features like Tablo but for me, their such an improvement over my use of TWC DVR. Thanks again, Jan


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(8) That catches a lot of people. To watch live TV on those devices, tap the channel, not the show itself.

(13) Since the Tablo folks are pretty generous with their subscription policy (pay per user rather than per device), I wouldn’t expect a trade up option. There was not one when the 4 tuners were sold. I also don’t expect a 2nd gen Tablo anytime soon.

#2 already exists, see screenshot below that reports 1 hour 5 min length for a 60 min show.

I don’t know why the text is so big, wasn’t intended lol