Some shows have grey crossed out play button

SO last night 2 shows had this issue.

The signal is great on both channels and one of the shows was right before another which shows up fine and playable.

@TabloSupport this is a real pain. Any way to tell what happened??

I had that happen to me a month or two ago where I had two shows back to back.  One recorded and the other didn’t.  It did it for three weeks in a row, and then I finally rebooted my Tablo.  After that, the problem went away.

I still don’t know why it happened, but I do suggest a reboot and see if that fixes it.

It didn’t happen last night. I would like @TabloSupport to look at my system to tell me why. 

If I can’t trust it to record that is a big issue.

This would be another reason to support notifications :wink:

I should say, I can see that there is not even a file structure on the system, so I wonder if there was some drive contention and because of it the recording failed. Just a thought

TabloTV uses a Linux filesystem… it’s there, has folders, etc…

See other posts for how you can see the files on your Tablo using just a web browser.  Sorry to be terse, I have a meeting in a few minutes…

@cjcox, no it is not there for this particular show with the greyed out play button. According to @TabloSupport my tablo rebooted somehow. Asking them to figure out why.

@Jestep, my first Tablo I RMA’d because it was randomly doing weird things and the blue reset button didn’t even work on it.  My new Tablo is working fine.

@cjcox :frowning: I certainly hope I don’t have to do that. But I do not like a random rebooot :frowning:

I had my first one RMAed  because of random rebooting, but it did it back in late April.  My replacement has been great ever since.

You guys are making me nervous :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jestep, well… I didn’t know about @snowcat , but I feel it’s still the minority of devices that have had these kinds of problems (yes?).  Anyway, the point is that Tablo/Nuvyyo and Newegg made things right and I’m happy now.  And though the Tablo still has some kinks to work out, it’s pretty obvious that they are working to make the product better and better.

Yea, support said they are working on some stability issues.  If it is not fixed soon I may need to head down that route. Have either of you had issues at all like this since?

I haven’t had any random reboots since the RMA.  I did have the one period of three straight weeks of the same show being missed till I rebooted, and then that issue went away.

My only annoying issue now is that my iPad will stop connecting to the Tablo every once in a while, and the fix is to reboot the router.  But I believe that to be a router issue.

That is strange @snowcat. Before I got my airport extreme I did have some funky issues with apple TV, which made me go out and by the extreme. Had no issues after that. I don’t really like the control I have over the Airport, but it has been pretty solid, so I live with it.

My new Tablo has been rock solid, have recorded 655 shows/movies/sports.

I had 2 shows today that failed, they seemed to be recording fine, based on the logs from the extraction script, and then towards the end they got marked as failed and deleted everything in the Seg directory.

It was storming around that time so maybe the signal dropped, but I would have hoped it would at least retain everything it had recorded up until then.

@mtuckman - We do try to restart a recording during a failure (like a signal drop) a few times but if it fails multiple times during a set time period the Tablo will give up and mark it as failed.