Some Live TV Listings in Spanish

Not a huge deal, but from time to time I get a random listing on the Live TV grid in Spanish. So tonight I’m gonna watch Beisbol de las Grandes Ligas! The description under the Live TV listing is also in Spanish, which has been reported from time to time. And I note that it (the All Star Game) is not listed under Sports. All my shows originate from San Francisco.

Ditto here in the Orlando market, it is listed that way also.

It’s the same here also in South Texas.

Same here for the All Star Game.

This must be part of Obama’s new immigration policy. If the republicans had just passed his comprehensive immigration reform this would not have happened.

Tx for the heads up guys… Every once in a while our guide data provider accidentally places the Spanish blurb into the English space.

Not surprising that it’s not under ‘sports’ as special games (like the All Star game) are often listed as ‘specials’ and not

We’ll let them know about the error.

Same thing for me.