Some Guide Data Incorrect

I live in Ottawa and I’ve noticed a few of my shows not recording because of issues with guide data

1. Daily Show on CJOH - It hasn’t recorded for the past couple of weeks.  If I look at the guide in the grid layout (Live TV) it has either said the guest’s name or last night it said “Unknown Program” instead of the Daily Show.  Example for tonight it says “Bill O’Reily”.    Last week I clicked on the show in grid and hit record and and it still did not record.

2. The Biggest Loser on CTS - I missed the first episode because it wasn’t “new”.  I had to go in and change it to Record All instead of Record New.  So, I have a work around, but the guide data is not correct.

3.  Dancing with the Stars on CHRO -  CTV2 airs this on Saturday instead of the same time as the ABC on Monday.  This may be cause of the problem.  This is another were case I had it set to Record New and it wasn’t recording.  I had to change it Record All.  It should be considered “New” as it is the first time it airs on that channel. 

@slippy51 - Sorry to hear that but thanks for the heads-up. It seems like our guide data provider has missed marking a few things as ‘new’ so we’ll work with them to get this fixed. 

Thanks.  The two programs not being marked as new aren’t a huge problem because as I said I just set it “Record All”.  The Daily Show is the real problem because it’s different every day.

Noticed it happened with the The Simpsons and Family Guy on CIII-HD (Global) for the past couple of weeks.  They were new, but not marked as such and didn’t record.  Could be because it airs at different time than the US channel (10pm vice 8pm). 

Seems to be fixed for Dancing with the Stars, but Biggest Loser and Daily Show are still incorrect.

@slippy51 Just repeating @TabloTV here, but we’ll take a look at this with our guide data provider to see what’s going on. Thanks for including the details - it makes our job easier.

Over the past couple of days almost half of my guide is blank…I have reloaded the guide several times but still blank? Missing both Canadian and USA channels in the guide…

@kparidy, you should probably contact TabloSupport.