Some commercials appear to be in Fast-Forward

I sometimes watch MeTV on West Michigan channel 64.2. I have noticed that some commercials appear to be in a fast-forward mode. That is, like someone turned up the speed to 78 when it should be 45 (geezer reference). When it happens, I usually get a buffering screen after a few seconds. It’s almost as if the Tablo is reading too fast. It’s not all commercials and never the actual program. Anyone else experience this? I don’t think I’ve had it happen on any other channel (If it did, it was always one of the sub-channels, never the .1) What would cause this? I’ve never tried to watch it directly (not through my Tablo and Roku3) to see if it behaves this way. I asked the guy at the TV station and he is perplexed, too. Thanks.

No worries - got the reference. :smile:

It could be that the broadcaster is sending the commercials in a different type of encoding or that the signal is super weak. If you’d like us to take a closer look send a note to support. We can log in to your box and look at the specific stream ourselves to find out more.