Some clues regarding Roku performance

I own three Rokus:

01). Roku stick firmware 6.2 (waiting for 7.0 update) - wireless
02). Roku 3 firmware 6.2 (waiting for 7.0 update) - wireless
03). Roku 4 with 7.0 firmware - hard-wired

My Tablo is hard-wired and has the 2.2.6 firmware installed.

One of my recordings apparently has a glitch at about two minutes into the program. Both the Roku stick and Roku 3 stalled with “loading - please wait” at the same point and never continued. Totally froze.This happened with both the Original and Premier versions of the current Tablo app for Roku. There was no way I could force the Roku to jump over the glitch so I could continue watching the recording.

The Roku 4 displayed “loading - please wait” briefly at the same glitch point but successfully recovered and continued playing the recording.

So it remains to be seen what the root problem was with the two Rokus that could not skip past the glitch.

Firmware version? Wireless versus wired? Hardware component differences?

As soon as my older model Rokus are offered the 7.0 update I will install it and report back it it makes any difference.

Bottom line: I believe anyone who owns a Roku should hold off making any serious judgement regarding performance issues with Tablo recordings until the Roku has been updated to version 7.0 or higher.

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A new observation. I double-checked that the wireless Rokus still stopped at the same 2 minute mark on my test recording and seemed to be frozen at the “Loading…Please wait” screen. Then I did something I had not done before (I guess I was hypnotized at the screen and was just “waiting”) I hit the “Play” button and the thumbnails showed up but the screen was still “frozen”. Then I was able to fast-forward a few frames and was able to restart the recording playback. A few more “Loading…Please wait” messages showed up but did not freeze the screen like before.Then the recording seemed to continue playing normally (I did not watch all of it).

Hopefully this observation will help others who are stalled at the “Loading…Please wait” screen indefiniely and would like to continue the program, even if it means missing a few frames or program segments.

You know - I tend to agree with you. I have 2 Roku 3s on 6.2. One in the family rm and 1 in the master bedroom - at opposite ends of the house. Both are wireless but both are close to an Airport Extreme - extended network. When I first upgraded to 2.2.6 everything was fast and fine. Now things have slowed down to about 20- 30 secs to load a show and 10 - 20 secs to start after ff. And the two locations are not at the same slownest. And when I am using the iPad in my office the speed is very fast loading and on ff restart.

I have also noticed the freeze after ff. Usually it will just take 10-20 secs, but sometimes I will have to go back or forward 1 frame to get it to work - then it is fine. Like some of the frames are not connected correctly.

But overall I am very happy with the Tablo and their efforts to keep improving the system. And I don’t miss my cable bill!!! Cheers

Wolfpack, I noticed FF being frozen, or random delays after FF to play the frame. Sometimes it’s 2 seconds, sometimes 20, sometimes never.

One thing I noticed, is that when I get the forever delay, if I FR 1 frame, it instantly plays, no delay, and it plays through the frame flawlessly that would never be returned. So now, whenever the delay is too long after a FF, I know to FR 1 frame in order to playback. FF 1 frame works too, but there is a delay to fetch the frame.

Have the same issue of it getting stuck. If I rewind and play it will go. At that point I am just glad it didn’t reboot. But it is annoying and should be fixed!!!