Some channels fail to play even though scan says they are 5x5?

Further to my other debugging post.

I have 30 channels, all have 5 green circles out of 5.

And yet, some of them, like 2-1 buffer for 20 seconds or so, then say “sorry can’t find channel or no tuner” or “Player error”


I experienced something much like this when I was commissioning my Tablo. It boiled down to the fact that the signal on these channels fluctuated wildly - most of the times when the scan was done I got 5 green dots, but the channel was unwatchable.

The solution was to change antennas and put in a mast amplifier to boost the signal right at the antenna.

Thanks for the info.

Can you detail what antenna you started with and what you switched to?

I’m using a Digiwave ANT5013 which comes with an Amplifier.