SOLVED: Commercial Skip detection failed - NOW 100% Success!

The help page says:

  • Commercial Skip detection failed
    This message is shown when the source of the error is unclear or unknown but is generally related to a problem with the commercial skip process itself.

I see this mainly on CW network shows. The error is intermittent in that one week the same show is Commerial Skip: Ready and other weeks it is Commercial Skip detection failed.

SInce the error text says it is “generally related to a problem with the commercial skip process itself” and not a reception issue I wonder how many others are seeing this issue.

If you are seeing this it on a specific network?
Is the problem consistent or intermittent?

Firmware: 2.2.38

Somewhere in the forum are a number of posts concerning CS failures due to the length of the various commercials embedded in the episodes. Some of the sub-channels are especially bad about doing this.

Generally the major networks don’t have a network issue. Yet the James Corden show almost always blows due to an especiallly long commercial they like to insert in the second half of the show.

So the intermittent nature of the failure may be due to different commercial lengths week to week? That is a strange bug.

That might be one possibility. You have to watch your problem episode and see if that could be the issue.

And I don’t think tablo considers it a bug. A long commercial might defeat DSP/ML be appearing to to be part of an episode sequence.

Here is another one that blows. I record Golf’s major events,masters,etc. Out of the 10 or 11 rounds I recorded only 1 was successfully processed by CS. I think it has to due with a sort picture-n-picture where live play is embedded in the left side of the commercial.

“bug” may be an interpretation…
Programs & Networks Ineligible (Filtered) for Automatic Commercial Skip

The commercial breaks for these older programs are wildly different than those on modern, prime-time programming with either very short commercials or incredibly long ‘infomercial style’ ads which are sometimes inserted in random locations in the episode. These odd ad breaks are not compatible with the current digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning algorithms that run on the Automatic Commercial Skip processing servers.

Other individual ineligible programs either have no commercials (in the case of religious programming) or are news/talk shows with frequent switches between in-studio and video segments which are also incompatible with the current algorithms.

as tablo may call it - working as expected …as unfortunate as this may be to users.

DSP algorithms are not considered to be sexy when compared to the likes of auto-pilot, etc. So commercial/public researchers probably spend little time on them.

But who knows what exists in the bowels of Fort Meade.

The issues you are having with Commercial Skip have been around long before the firmware upgrade.
I’ve found that Commercial Skip is hit and miss. I’ve generally been disappointed with it.
Whenever I talk-up the Tablo DVR and it’s attributes, Commercial Skip is something I don’t use as a selling point.

Here’s a link from the Tablo knowledge base about Commercial Skip. It also contains a list of programs & networks that are automatically filtered from commercial skip eligibility…
Programs & Networks Ineligible (Filtered) for Automatic Commercial Skip

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Agreed. For me it seems mainly shows on CW are not detected. I still plan to pay the $20/year fee for the amount of times it does work. However, @TabloEngineering needs to improve the product.

I fixeed my issue by moving my antenna to a new position. It seems CS is VERY sensitive to reception quality.

At this point I have 100% success on commercia skip.

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