Software Update issues

I’m having an issue with my new two tuner Tablo and updating the software. Currently the s&w version is 2.1.14, but it’s not automatically updating. Any ideas on how to manually have the Tablo updated?

Also, does anyone know when the Tablo Connect feature was released or which software version included this? My Tablo out of the box doesn’t show this capability under settings at and this is one of the main reasons I purchased the device.

Thanks in advance!

As long as the Tablo is connected to the Internet you can just wait a few hours, eventually you will be prompted to upgrade.

Or you can power cycle the Tablo, just tap the little blue button on the back of the Tablo. Do not hold it down for more than 30 seconds as this will factory reset the box.

2.1.30 is the latest version (May 2015). Once you get your firmware updated, Tablo Connect will work fine. @theuser86 has good instructions, and if nothing is still happening, submit a ticket to Tablo support. They will fix you up.

@Brad5689 Give us a shout if you run into anything!

So I was able to update my Tablo’s firmware and Tablo Connect showed up. I synced it up to my phone through the Tablo App, and it has worked for the pat 4 days.

Now, when I open the Tablo App, it is saying there is no tablo connected. I actually don’t live where my Tablo is, but about 150 miles away. Does anyone know why it’s saying I’m no longer synced to my Tablo back home?

Also, I saw where there is a new 2.2 firmware update. Could this be the culprit if my Tablo automatically updated? If so, is there a way to prevent my Tablo from automatically updated until I’m able to be home and sync my devices with it?



2.2 firmware hasn’t been rolled out yet, and Tablo requires user input to update, so that wouldn’t be the problem.

ChrisFix is right.

  1. Did you recently update the Tablo app on the iPhone?
  2. In the Tablo app on the iPhone does no Tablo show up to hit “Connect”? Or did you just hit connect and it didn’t work? Very important distinction.

When I first synced my Tablo and my iPhone, my Tablo showed up and I hit connect which synced the two together. I haven’t updated the app at all, that I can see.

Yesterday, I was able to watch some of the shows I recorded just fine, but now it’s stating, “No Tablo was found on your network”, but I haven’t changed anything.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get back to my Tablo for another week and a half, so I can’t really assess anything that may be going on with the settings.

That’s weird, it should at least show the Tablo you previously connected to. For it to not be there at all means the database on the iPhone got deleted.

Ok, so in theory, I’ll probably have to resync once I get back to my Tablo correct? Or would there be another way to correct that?

That is correct, or you can VPN into your home network and fool it into believing you’re on your home network…

Also, do you have a laptop that you can run Tablo from the Chrome browser? That also supports Tablo Connect.

I have a laptop with Chrome, but I still have to sync it with the Tablo on the same wifi network before Tablo Connect will work, correct?

Yes, correct. If you have not connected to Tablo via the Chrome browser at home, you won’t be able to Tablo Connect until you do.
I’m now in the habit of connecting any device I’m traveling with just before heading out to make sure they’re all sync’d up.