So far... Better

I have been using Tablo for a few months now and wanted to update my first post So far, not so good.

Initially Tablo didn’t work well at all.  There were ALWAYS buffering issues (Loading please wait…) and I tried with tech support and forum regulars (thank you to you all!) to correct the issue (see my first post).

Since none of the easier (and cheaper) suggestions worked, I switched to TWC (appointment were always days away and it took over a month) as were the only carrier to support 5GHz channels in my area. I am now getting my internet via a modem and dual band router.  My Tablo and my Roku 2 are connected via a 5GHz channel, the other 2 via 2.4GHz (not duel band).   

The end result is Tablo works much better, but not as seamlessly as i had hoped. Recorded program playback on the Roku 2 is nearly flawless and live TV is fine until you FF or RR.  Then there are buffering issues or video gets stuck in a loop and you have to go back to the channel guide, then return to live streaming in order to correct the issue.  It’s not an occasional issue, but every time Tablo streams live.  This happens on all 3 Roku’s.  I have tried this router connecting via an Ethernet cable and various channels (both 5 and 2.4GHz) but the problem remains.

I do plan on sticking with Tablo for a variety of reasons: the low monthly price, it’s a whole home solution, I’m tired of Tivo’s endless ads, I don’t watch a lot of live TV, Tablo’s proactive approach and willing to listen attitude and the hope future software updates will offer a more seamless viewing experience.

@millerprm I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Tablo - this is certainly a more positive post than your first one was. Believe me; we notice, and we care. That being said, we’ve recently expanded the team (again!) and are quite happy to be working on some very exciting changes for the Roku. As always - there’s lots more coming. Cheers :slight_smile: