Snap_grid Images

I have a program to download Tablo recordings which uses the “snap_grid” images to display grid of tile so I can select which tiles I want to download and merge (i.e. exclude commercials). Prior to firmware update 2.2.22, the images (thumbnails) in snap_grid were 1:1 with the actual recording segments–a snapshot of the first frame. This is no longer the case for me. The snap_grid images are somewhat arbitrary–many segments may occur before another image is generated.

Is anyone else having such issues? Without the snap_grid images, the process would be rather tedious as all the segments would have to be downloaded–from which I can generate the thumbnails.


Could it be that you were impacted by the data flow changes to support the Amazon Cube?

What application are you using to download the recordings? There are several mentioned on these forums.

I am using my own. I can in fact download the recordings–if I want to download them in their entirety. However What I generally want is to first look at the segment thumbnails and select which segments I want to download.

In a few recordings I have viewed on the Tablo apps themselves, the missing snap_grid images appear to affect the thumbnails that appear when fast-forwarding or rewinding a recording.