Smart Scheduling - let us choose the channel

So with regards to Smart Scheduling I understand the way it works is “If two episodes are available it will pick the broadcast with the highest signal strength”.

However, I would like to be able to choose the channel which all new episodes are recorded from. I have shows that air both on CTV and ABC at the same time, and even though I’m in Canada the Tablo keeps picking ABC for all new episodes. I rather not have to endure American commercials and would prefer the Canadian content.

Can this please be added to the smart scheduling feature? Tablo is a Canadian company after all, I’m sure you’ll let me pick my Canadian channel over an American one.


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@theuser86 - This is something that we can look at for sure. It would require some UI work to give the user the choice. 

Thanks for the prompt reply. It’d be a great addition to the smart scheduling feature. iPad and computer UI would just require a pop up to select the channel and time slot?

Other PVRs let you pick the same channel and same time slot. Time slot is not so important, just the channel really.

I have the same concern but for different reasons if this can help priorisation.

When it says, : “If two episodes are available it will pick the broadcast with the highest signal strength” :

Will tablo look at the signal strenght just before beginning to record or will it look at the strengh of the signal from the last scan? American signal strenght is varying alot at my house because of how far I am from the towers.

So far I have seen some incinsistencies in the way tablo picks the channels that makes me wonder.


It’s based on the signal quality during your most recent channel scan. 

I figured fhat much, cause I do have poor signal issues with ABC sometimes and none with CTV, except the Tablo defaults to picking the new episodes on ABC. Another reason for my feature request.

This has probably been addressed, but just in case…

When you are recording a show have the choice of which channel (not because of signal strength).  in los angeles there are many local channels that constantly show reruns.

Example:  the big band is in constant reruns on a local channel (channel no.13).  I only want to record the new episodes on CBS (channel 2).

much thanks and sorry if it’s already been requested dozens of times.

I think what you’re requesting is exactly what I’m requesting - a specific channel for new episodes. Of course if you choose all episodes then it’ll record everything so make sure to pick only “new”.


Any update on this? Has it been at least OK’d and on a to do list? Not asking for a timeframe.

@theuser86 - All requests go into a big list and this is on it. Every quarter or so we go through the list, evaluate priorities for ‘big’ things and see what other little things like this we can squeeze into the next few months. Stay tuned! 



Any update on this much needed feature? Really would like to choose between the channel to “rec new” episodes from.


No update but a good reminder! I was just actually thinking about this feature yesterday. Will poke the dev team on this one again.

I’ll vote for this one!  I’m in Toronto and get both Buffalo and Toronto stations. Some Buffalo channels can be weak at times however my Tablo was always picking the iffy Buffalo channel to record. Some way to override this would be good!

Thanks @TabloTV

...I rather not have to endure American commercials and would prefer the Canadian content.

Same here, but I'm in Texas :)

I’d like this too.  I have to police my recording schedule to make sure that the correct channel records. 

This feature needs to be available ASAP. Many other DVR/PVR/'s already have this feature. It is one of the most annoying things about the Tablo. I have to go into my recordings at least once a week to update the channel on which it will record. It always defaults to the first channel in the guide list even if I specifically setup the recording from the specific channel page. It just gets worse the more I record.

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It is hella annoying.

Hi Guys, it’s been a while since anyone’s posted on this topic. I keep getting recordings going to a weak Buffalo station, where the Toronto station has great signal. I end up having to stream the show anyway on the station’s website as the recording is unwatchable. Can you provide an update please?