Small stations have scheduling problems

I like getting old TV shows recorded, but I don’t like the schedules not being correct. I don’t know if it’s the stations fault or the schedule providers fault. Either way, I have a number of misnamed programs on my PLEX sever as a result. It’s a big chore to fix this too. Is there a way to inform the schedule provider of this I wonder. Biggest problem station is MeTv 20-2 out of Casper WY.

FLASH UPDATE - This is sort of funny. I was just looking for the call signs for the TV station I was referring to above and came across this. Maybe this is why the schedules are all mixed up – Who knows.

@marjamar - Yikes!

The stations actually DO provide information to our guide data provider who inputs it into their system for distribution so maybe it is due to a few too many wobbly pops. :wink:

That being said, send a note to support with the details on which shows/times are wrong. We can work with our data provider to get things fixed up.