Slow performance?

why is tablo soo slow to load to live tv, to load the live tv guide, and even to let me move the cursor around on the guide. Also on one of my tvs it basically will not let me move around on the live tv guide. Both tvs are on fire tv app, and tablo is hooked directyl to network

Loading live TV (an actual broadcast) will always take a long time because the content has to be encoded off the antenna in near real-time to provide the stream. I don’t envision this getting better on this generation of Tablo hardware. Even on an NVidia shield, it’s 10-17 seconds after you press ‘watch’.

On the guide load, if you’re using a fire stick, people have said many of the operations like loading the guide are slow. The lag I experience there on the shield (android tv) is little worse than it was on Roku 3 or 4.