Slow connection

I purchased a dual light and after initial installation was very impressed. I originally had it in my garage, to get it setup and just moved the device to my upstairs lost. Since the move, live TV and recordings are buffering often and very slow to load. In both spots the Tablo was hard wired, although it went up to a 100’ run in it’s current location. I couldn’t imagine a longer Ethernet would make that much of a difference. Is it true that as long as an Ethernet cable is plugged into the rear of the Tablo it must be isn’t that connection and not over WiFi? What else could cause this lag by moving the device?

Correct, it shouldn’t matter.

Correct, an active network cable plugged into the Tablo disables its wireless feature.

Did the antenna location, and, or antenna cable length change during the move?

It’s[quote=“Radojevic, post:2, topic:15649”]
Did the antenna location, and, or antenna cable length change during the move?

The Tablo is actually much closer to the antenna now and during the scan had all the channels and showed as good or better signal strength. Would this matter though in my streaming of already recorded content to another device on the network? Watching recorded shows was always very responsive when I first set it up, now it takes a long time to load and buffers occasionally.

Do you mean…
You didn’t move the antenna?
The antenna cable is shorter now?

Okay, the Tablo is connected to your network via a network cable.
Recordings that played fine downstairs are now buffering.

What is the make and model of the hard drive connected to the Tablo?

What player device are you using: Roku, Fire TV, …?
Which model?
How is the player device connecting to the network: cable; wifi?
If it’s wifi, which wireless protocol, and what frequency: g @ 2.4GHz; n @ 2.4GHz; n @ 5Ghz?

Yes, by moving it from the garage to the upstairs tv, my Dual Light is closer to the attic mounted antenna and has one less splittet as before the move when it was all working well.

I just checked the new 100’ cat 5e cable I ran to the upstairs and it’s getting 55mbps download and 10 upload.

I’m watching from a roku Express on 2.4ghz WiFi. Not sure g or n, but it never has a problem streaming hd content.
It’s a Seagate 256gb external.
But the hard drive and Roku haven’t changed and all worked fine before moving the device to a different hard-wired spot. The only real change is the new and longer Ethernet cable.

Old drive, right?
Several years old?
Tablo doesn’t work well with drives manufactured over 3 years ago.

I think I found the problem. I used a different 6’ network cable from the garage wall plate than I did the upstairs one I just installed. The upstairs jumper cable was an old cat 5. When I switched out to the same 5e cable I was using in the garage, all my problems went away. I appreciate you responding to my messages.


A 6 foot ethernet patch cable messed with you.