Slingbox as Tablo replacement?

Well I’ve been researching online for an alternative to Tablo for a couple hours. I’ve been away from home for about a couple of months now and I lost connection from my Tablo unit back home in the first week. I paid Tablo 10 bucks for nothing. No home games for me. Anyway I’ve devised a plan to use a combination of a Slingbox and a digital tuner (with built in dvr) to give me away-from-home TV programming. Has anyone looked into this? Xbox One with a Hauppauge tuner is another possible option. Or maybe an HD homerun may be a good alternative. I head back home in a week so I can ‘finally’ reset my Tablo and use it again. Then I make my very wary decision about whether I trust my Tablo for another of my long business trips. Or do I ditch it for something more reliable.

What about Sling TV? It has ESPN.

I have Sling TV right now, it works good. But it doesn’t give me FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, or CW. I like the watching the Flash, Big Bang Theory and other shows as well. Sling doesn’t offer that, plus it’s 20 dollars a month.

If you leave a PC always on at home while you travel, you can remote back in the home network thru TeamViewer and correct issues that may arise which cause problem with your Tablo connection. I don’t do a lot of Tablo Connect, but one time I could not connect and I just remote into my home PC, connect to Tablo thru Chrome and reset the “Remote Access” (just uncheck and re-check), and everything works fine after that.