Sling TV information

FYI - SlingTV for Windows 10 currently ONLY works with Intel processors. They are working on support for the Atom processors, which my Lenovo 100S has. I narrowed it down by trying on another Windows 10 computer WITH an Intel Processor

HuluTv works fine on Atom Processor computers. as does Tablo.

I am pretty sure it works fine with AMD processors as well.

I asked and tech support said no. I don’t have one to try on.

BTW spoke to soon about Tablo unless it is because of the version I’m running. Tablo on Atom processor might be a problem too.

I just tried sling TV on my wife’s AMD based Win10 desktop, and it worked perfectly.

There is nothing out there that works on Intel and not on AMD. Atom is different since it is not completely x86 based.

That’s strange. I’m watching the Win10 SlingTV app on my Dell Venue 8 Pro right now (snapped to the side even along with my browser as I’m typing this.) It’s got an Atom Z3740D CPU. What happens when you try to run it on your Lenovo?

Atom processors are x86 processors. They’re relatively slow ones, but they should run x86 Win10 apps, barring any driver issues… Perhaps Sling support got Atom confused with ARM? I read on windows that the SlingTV app is supposed to be coming to Windows 10 Mobile eventually, which means ARM.

Lenovo 100S processor 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F

Dell venue 8 pro has a quad-core Intel Atom CPU

To answer your question, when I start it, it comes up for a few seconds and exits. You don’t even get the screen that says 7 days free and current users sign in screenm

just tried on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and it works. I’ll call SlingTV so they can add more information to help them fix it,