Skip forward when there is no buffer left - delay instead of ignore

So just realized something that is odd. On most DVR’s, when you are watching and are “caught up” to the point of Live TV, when you try to fast-forward or skip-ahead, the command is ignored by the DVR. On my Tablo, watching via Nexus Player, I get the “Buffering” spinning circle until, it seems, that the live TV feed catches up to the jump point.

Is that something that can be fixed? There is no feedback that I’m at “live” or anything, so until I have tried it a few times, and wasted a minute or two waiting and wondering if this thing is really ready for prime-time…, then I realize (or assume) I must be out of buffer.

Would rather the command be ignored when at live, ideally with some sort of feedback to let me know “can’t do that without while at the ‘live’ point” or some such.

If you are caught up and it is still recording, it would be excellent if it would switch to live TV.

And the point is? If I hit skip forward, it goes to the whirling “buffering” instead of some sort of meaningful feedback to tell me I am at the current point, or that function is not available when watching at the point of “live” transmission.

It appears that it is just struggling to buffer the next 30 seconds, instead of telling me I’m a dork.

As I recall, as an example, on D*TV, it just gives a tone indicating the user has selected an invalid option. I understand it’s probably a different challenge with Tablo, working through so many different playback devices, a different message than “buffering” would be helpful.

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Can’t agree more. I hate not knowing where I am on the timeline.

I rarely watch a recording before it’s done so not really an issue here. But definitely useful feature.

@mohoelx - Thanks for the feedback. It would be a great feature for the Tablo to send a message that says, “Sorry, you can’t skip ahead because you’re caught up to the live feed.”

I’ll pass this along to the team.

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