Skip Forward 'responsiveness' recorded vs live

So - all being the same, I have noticed that the delay for returning to playback is “prompt” when watching live TV, but “slow” (5-10 seconds) when watching recorded programs. Is this normal?

It seems the buffer of live TV goes to the same HDD that recordings play from, so I really don’t understand why it would behave differently.

Not a deal-breaker, but odd, and if there is an option / setting to improve responsiveness during commercial skipping and other Skip Forward stuff, the household adoption would be improved…

What playback device? Roku? Fire TV? iPad? iPhone?

Not sure what it would matter, since the difference is seen on the same playback device, from the same network, same location, etc. For the record, it is a Chromecast. But like I say, same everything in the scenarios, only difference is watching “live TV” with a buffer vs watching a recorded program.

It’s important, I don’t see this difference between live TV and recordings on a Roku 3 or Fire TV.

What are you using to cast to the Chromecast? Computer? Phone? Tablet?

Hopefully someone else with Chromecast experience can chime in.

My only experience with the Chromecast was to abandon trying to use it with the Tablo. However the nexus player works very well with the Tablo including with casting so it had a happy ending for me

I’ve seen / heard some of the issues with Chromecast, but I can say I’ve not seen those, unless somehow the inconsistent results between Live and Recorded are to be tagged to the Chromecast… but that would seem odd to me.

For the most part, I use my phone to initiate the cast.

Yes it would be odd. Do you have any other HDTV front ends to test the live TV vs recorded resume time after FF? A HTPC, Roku, Fire TV, Nexus Player, Android TV, anything?

At this point, I do not have any other front ends. Keep thinking I should get a second one but haven’t been able to make up my mind on what to get. Would like to get something on the 5 Ghz band, but my Chromecast has played back without the reported buffering problems on the 2.4 band, so not sure … especially with the “shorter distances” that the 5 G band seem to cover… I suppose a Roku 3 or a Nexus Player, and then I could try both bands and see what works best.

Well I can try to help narrow down the decision - do you do any local file playback over your network? Like 1080p MKV or MP4 files.

Also, what is the make and model of your router? The Nexus Player is WiFi only while the Roku 3 has Ethernet and WiFi.

So far, no local file playback. Looking to cut the cord with the Tablo as my “gateway drug” so will be getting a subscription to some Hulu/Neflix/Sling type service, when I figure out what we really want, so there may be more streaming in my future.

Modest household needs - only two of us live here permanently, and it will be a rare time when we are watching different shows at the same time.

Router is a TP-Link AC1750.

Tablo-Router is wireless on 5G band.

With that router go with the Nexus Player, it is Wireless AC on the 5 GHz band while the Roku 3 is only Wireless N on the 5 GHz band.

Plus the Nexus Player now has Kodi in the Google Play Store which is a great app for local playback.